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The ultimate video-conferencing setup

In a world of remote working, video conferencing is key. In this post, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about how to make it as good as possible — on a budget.

1. Great Wi-Fi

You, too, can look like this much of a muppet.

2. A good camera at a good angle

A good external USB webcam makes a huge difference

3. Good audio

Zoom H1n on a microphone stand

4a. Lighting was everything

Plants are green because they reflect green light — they don’t need it — so why would you waste power on beaming green light at your plants?
Zip ties and monopod — it’s not exactly fancy, but it works!
The Spekular lighting kit at around 70% brightness. Having a wide light source helps eliminate shadows and helps the light look a lot more natural than just a spotlight.
At this brightness on the Spekuar kit, the ring light on the webcam does absolutely nothing — but it looks cool, so that counts for something.

4b. Lighting is still everything

5. Headphones

6. What conferencing platform?



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