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Containerizing & Orchestrating Java Applications Meetup

Captured at MavenHive during Conatinerizing & Orchestrating Meetup

How do you spend your weekends usually? Maybe you like to spend time with your family, party with friends or just Netflix and Chill- and that’s totally okay but let us tell you what we did last Saturday.

A group of 50+ techies from different experience levels joined us for the “Containerizing & Orchestrating Java Applications” meetup at MavenHive. We started off with the meetup from 10:15 am. The host briefed the agenda for the meetup, welcomed the participants, and introduced the speakers for the day and soon the session started.

Java for Containers

Vaibhav showing the use cases on Java for Containers

The first session was taken by Vaibhav, Principal Staff Engineer, Java Platforms Team, Oracle on “Java for Containers”. Vaibhav explained how Java with all its recent changes is ready for Cloud and for Container.

Topics covered by Vaibhav during the meetup:
1. Performance Improvement
2. Fast Startup Time
3. Low Memory Overhead
4. Respective to Container Boundaries
5. Performance Inside Container

You can access the slides/contents shared by Vaibhav during the meetup here: http://bangalorejug.org/Downloads/

Deploying & Debugging Java App on Kubernetes

Vivek giving an introduction to Java for Azure Dev Spaces

Our second speaker was Vivek, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. Vivek started his session with the basic concepts of developer environments and soon he briefly explained how Azure Dev Spaces allows you to test and iteratively develop your entire microservices application by running in Azure Kubernetes Service. He even described the Experience of Java on Kubernetes with Microservices.

You can go through the slides & contents shared by Vivek here:
1. Azure Dev Spaces
2. Experience of Java on Kubernetes with Microservices
3. Azure Kubernetes Services

We have an exciting announcement for you

We have recently started our monthly newsletter and here is the newsletter for the month of September👉konfhub.com/KonfHub-Sept-Newsletter.pdf. Let us know your feedback to help us make it better in the future which would help the community to exchange better knowledge.

Missed this meetup? You are invited to join our next meetup in Nutanix — Resiter now here. To know more about the upcoming Tech Conferences or Meetups click here.

Written by Rohit Kumar Guha [Technical Community Manager | KonfHub]



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