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KONG Land Embassy

Welcome to KONG Land

The world’s first-ever cryptostate that brings the metaverse into the real world.

The metaverse has come a long way, but it’s still very early

Founding KONG Land

KONG Land imports labor and raw materials to create SiLo-factured goods for export

What is a “DAO of DAOs”?

SiLo + real-world item = cryptoasset

How a SiLo escrows a crypto asset
KONG Cash notes are the first example of SiLos

Use cases for SiLo tech — we’re just getting started

MetaFactory Genesis Bomers that unlock exclusive experiences (left), a Mattereum-backed collector’s item that can be used as DeFi collateral (right)

These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg — with the collaboration of an entire nation of KONG citizens, together, we will SiLo-facture more cryptoassets to export the metaverse.

KONG Land welcomes you to come build with us

Do you want to make your mark on metaverse history? KONG LAND WANTS YOU!
Founding KONG Land at EthCC

Acquire Founding Citizenship

The KONG Land Passport, ready to unlock IRL metaverse experiences

Make Metaverse History

A new day breaks in KONG Land with unlimited possibilities ahead

Follow this blog for project updates and join the community:



Welcome $CITIZENs, join the KONG Land crypto state in making real world crypto experiences.

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