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It’s Cool to Hate PHP

PHP is one of the most popular language on the internet yet it’s also one of the most hated language thanks to it’s inconsistencies and issues, here is the list of known PHP issues.


The problem with PHP is because of its large user base, it’s easy to find bad and hard to maintain code, add wordpress to the mix, one of the most popular CMS yet one of the hardest to maintain piece of software. I swore to never maintain another wordpress anymore, maybe I’m ignorant but using a blog platform for other than it’s purpose is asking for a nightmare in the future. Don’t get me wrong. I also use PHP in my projects it’s not the best choice but it got the job done.

Thanks to these problems non-PHP developer start to bash PHP and it’s developer like it’s some kind disease, it doesn’t matter if the developer code the best maintainable software with 100% test coverage. Some guy/girl will look down on him/her because he/she is using PHP? Adding salt to the wound, hating PHP seems like a cool thing to do nowadays.

“There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.” — Bjarne Stroustrup

From my adventure reading the hate threads I found out that some of the reason is because older PHP version didn’t integrate so well the OOP principles, PHP also performed poorly in the past and I guess some people still have this old view of PHP and they avoid it without knowing what has been done since then. Most modern PHP framework is trying to solve this problem and recent release of PHP7 also give a significant speed boosts.


PHP may not be the best language but give the modern frameworks such as Laravel or Symfony a try maybe it could change your mind and stop the hatred growing, it’s not good for both party anyway and in my opinion good developer can make a good software using the worst language and vice versa.

Most of the article content is my opinion, you may agree or disagree with it. Sorry if my word offend anyone reading this . If you found any grammar or spelling mistake feel free to point it out, Thanks in advance.

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