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Adventures in the machine-learning land of drones & lidars, part I

Figure 1: Simulated drone with lidar inspecting a power mast located in a
scenery generated from maps.

This is the first part of a two-part text. It is written for an audience with a background in computer graphics, but to make the text more accessible, I have written a high-level TL;DR below with key takeaways and added links throughout the text that explain key concepts.




Stories from our developers in Kongsberg Digital — a forward-looking company working on cool and cutting-edge technology, such as digitalization, machine learning, connectivity etc. within the maritime, energy and utilities industries

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Christopher Dyken

Christopher Dyken

Dad to two, graphics, geometry, and bit-twiddling enthusiast and Amiga nostalgic. PhD in computational maths working at Kongsberg KDI.

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