Shareholder Update April 16, 2019

Dear Konkrete shareholders and partners, now that we’re well underway with our Q2 milestones, I wanted to give you all an update on the latest progress and exciting happenings within Konkrete.

Technology Milestones:

  1. Konkrete tech development crossed a significant milestone where V1 of the blockchain share registry integration is now complete. We now currently have our self generated security tokens on the ethereum test-net. Moresh has put together a demo which can be viewed here.
  2. We have also completed the tech development for a secondary market capability based on the blockchain.
  3. We are ahead of schedule in terms of our V2 roadmap, which will include stable coin functionality.
  4. We anticipate we will be able to represent Konkrete preference shares as security tokens on our system by the end of July.
  5. We have 10 soft commitments from real estate clients which are currently being put through our sales funnel.

Business Development Milestones:

  1. We are in advanced discussions with a major NZ resort project to utilise our STO package for their fundraise.
  2. We have signed an MOU around our STO services with BNKTOTHEFUTURE, a leading fundraising platform from the UK.
  3. Subsequently, we are also in discussions with BNKTOTHEFUTURE to list our next round on their platform, which will see our offer promoted to thousands of credible investors globally.
  4. Moresh was invited by the Treasury department to give inputs on the regulation in the ICO and Blockchain space, further highlighting our credibility in the STO sphere.
  5. User sign up rate is holding steady and user base is close to 70K now.

Compliance Milestones:

  1. We did our first offer in the US registered with the SEC under Regulation D (accredited).
  2. We did our first offer registered in New Zealand (full retail).
  3. We have now got 5 pooled funds signed off via ASIC for our clients, customer demand for that product remains high.

We have a busy few months ahead and look forward to bringing you more updates as they come.

Sean Qian

Co-founder and COO, Konkrete