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Konrad Bieniek
Jan 12, 2018 · 7 min read

UX Consulting Client Project | My Role: UX Researcher/Designer | Duration: 3 weeks| Project Status: Complete

Executive Summary

The research findings and a redesign proposal for the HYR app were presented to HYR Inc. by our UX team of three designers. The goal of the project was in making the business account setup, shift posting and talent selection & payment more intuitive for businesses using the app.

The following information was key for further development and redesign of the HYR app.

  • Interviews with potential users reinforced the needs of the business-side user and whether their current goals are being addressed.
  • Usability Test findings (the comments, uses and reactions to the HYR’s redesigned app) proved the redesigned wireframes were not easily navigable and intuitive.

The Redesign Proposal took into consideration HYR’s business goals, current design of their new app and all of the research findings gathered by the UX team to create redesigned Hi-Fidelity wireframes and a clickable prototype to deliver to the client.


HYR is a mobile platform that connects hospitality businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, and nightclubs with spot labor called “talent”. The talent works hourly paid shifts, on-demand and as independent 1099 contractors.

HYR was conceived 2 years ago by co-founders Josh and Erika while they were waiting for their dinner order at an understaffed restaurant. Josh and Erika envisioned HYR to be a solution for this problem.


The original assumptions and hypothesis that our team began the work with were:

Food & beverage as well as Hospitality and Entertainment businesses struggle to find workers for spot employment — it is either time consuming or difficult to find someone last minute.

Business Goals

After speaking with our client and considering the fact that there was a limited time frame for this project we were tasked with focusing on the “business posting a shift” flow. Our goal was to increase shifts posted by new business users by evaluating how intuitive it is for them to setup an account, post work and to operate within the app.


Discovery: In-person Interviews and Competitor/Feature Comparison. Testing: A clickable inVision prototype was created using the redesigned wireframes provided by HYR.
Documentation & Design: Insights were gathered from testing the HYR re-designed wireframes. The results of the Round 1 testing in combination with research findings from Discovery culminated into a new design proposal.
Iteration to Delivery: We conducted a round of testing on the new version created by the UX team and presented our final takeaways to the client.

*Because the client was in the midst of their own redesign, mid-fidelity wireframes were provided to us for Round 1 testing. Hi-fidelity wireframes created by the UX team were tested in Round 2.



Internal interviews were conducted with the head developer at HYR as well as their Sales and Support staff. These initial interviews provided us with feedback from the current business-side power users.

Key Takeaways from Internal Interviews

  • The company’s main goals for redesign are to have more businesses posting shifts as well as more repeat shifts being added.
  • The number 1 reason for first-time business users not returning to the app was that the HYR worker didn’t show up to work the shift.
  • Power Users had problems with being charged prior to speaking with selected talent, they weren’t aware that they can then cancel the talent after chatting with them. Their billing was also messy outside the app.
  • The most frequent shifts currently being posted by businesses:
    Bartender, Brand ambassadors, Dishwasher, Host.


— We spoke to 8 individuals encompassing Hotel, Food & Beverage professionals as well as Staff.

  • 2 Owners of a Hospitality Consulting Group in New York with over 65 years combined experience in launching upscale and luxury hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world.
    Some notable projects include: The Ritz Carlton South Beach, Epic Hotel A Hotel Miami, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
  • A Businesswoman who ran her own hotel in a small town for over 15 years.
  • Two small restaurant owners as well as employees in food & beverage with over 10 years of experience in the industry.
  • An International coffee chain shift manager.

Key Takeaways from Exeternal Interviews

  • The worker needs to show up! — this overlapped with what we heard earlier from the internal interviews. Subsequent cancellation was the absolute number 1 requirement and frustration.
  • Trust, training, and communication prior to the shift were also very highly sought after.
  • How do most businesses handle last minute shifts fills? They fill spots with:
    current workers (who take extra hours),
    friends of friends (on recommendations).
  • For shifts that required more experience: The worker’s background, prior high-end restaurant experience, and most importantly references mattered most.
    For shifts that required less experience: Personality mattered most.


Upon synthesizing our research two personas emerged. These personas would be looking for low-level experience workers (<1 year work experience). For the usability tests we would use Steve as our Primary Persona in the Scenario presented to testers.


We analyzed competitors to see where our client HYR fit in the market. The big differentiator among competitors was that HYR is more concerned with providing the marketplace for Talent to find Businesses rather the actually vetting workers an assigning them shifts like the competitors do.

The current HYR app is represented with faded logo. The HYR redesigned wireframes contain more worker background, skill and certification vetting.


Goal: Determine how easy and intuitive it is for a business owner to open the app for the first time, setup and account, post work and select and pay for workers.

- Determine a solution for switching between the talent and business profiles.
- Test if the users understand the meaning of a primary and backup worker.


Upon synthesizing the research we were able to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the current HYR redesign. Some of most important issues were:

A confusing tab bar and navigation which had to be rebuilt.

  • Users believed the “Shifts” button should be a list of the shifts they posted prior— instead it was shifts posted by other businesses.
  • Users believed “My Work” should be their upcoming shifts — instead it was shifts they posted prior.
  • Users struggled to identify where to switch profiles and edit credit card information. The “Settings” button was hard to find and the “Profiles” tab bar icon was confusing.
  • U Points, points collected by using the app were confusing— the name was not intuitive— changing the name to HYR points made more sense to users.

Usability Testing Round 2 Results

As observed in testing the new wireframes designed by the UX team, the difficulty of navigating through the app decreased in most cases.

ROUND 1 was a test of HYR provided redesign screens vs. ROUND 2 UX Team redesign proposed screens.




The representative from HYR was debriefed after the presentation and presented with the research, test findings, Hi-Fidelity wireframes, raw data and notes.

UX Redesign Proposal Summary

  • A simplified tab bar where the current icons “Shifts” and “Work” are replaced with “Home”and “+Shift”. The “Chat” button remains however the old “Profiles and “Settings” buttons are combined into just one “Settings” tab bar button.
  • A simplified Sign-on process when registering for the first time.
  • Profile switching within settings and a differentiating color theme for Talent vs. Business.
  • Since “Settings” on the tab bar now encompasses both the current “Profile” and “Settings” options it eliminated the confusion between profile switching and the actual account and payment settings seen in testing.
  • A cleaner homepage where posted shifts as well as additional shift options can be seen.

Other general recommendations the team proposed HYR to consider

  • Review their redesigned wireframes as they may be diverging from the current brand image and align it with our interview findings — Research showed that HYR should focus more on low-experience talent as high-experience shifts require more vetting from the talent provider.
  • Promote HYR as an event planning solution Event planning, as confirmed in interviews, is a great opportunity to hire cheaper low-experience talent.
  • Show multiple profiles (Business” or “Talent”) with more clarity to users — the company is convinced it needs a switch in app between the talent and worker (many competitors have separate apps for each) we propose they make this switch more intuitive for the user.

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