Announcing Kontiki — A CMS for conversational interfaces

A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on how content management systems need a new breed of CMS. I firmly believe that existing CMS’s are not suitable for conversational experiences — because of a variety of issues. Primary amongst them is the fact that content and markup in most conventional CMS’s stay together. Also, existing CMS’s were born in the longform era — and we are now in the chat era. Opportunities exist for transforming the CMS and making it future proof — enabling conversation designers to create better experiences.

At Kontikilabs, we are working hard towards building such a CMS. Our roadmap is to power content powered bots globally, using principles of existing robust CMS’s like WordPress and marrying them to conversation design guidelines and NLP techniques. We are calling this the Kontiki Platform.

Goya — a magazine bot, is the first bot to be powered by the alpha version of Kontiki. We will be actively documenting our lessons and progress as we build this platform in the next few months.

Hit us up on for more — we love partnering and are very open to sharing stuff.

Also do checkout Goya on