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Introducing our community section on Medium—and call for submissions! 🎉

At the recent Outlier conference hosted by Data Visualisation Society, Kontinentalist hosted an informal video call (an “unconference”) titled, “Which Asian snack are you?” On the call, participants—ourselves among them—shared their experiences as Asian data practitioners while munching on Asian snacks.

The mood was electric — and not just ’cause data vis legend Shirley Wu was there. It’s rare to have a group of Asian data practitioners in the same space, talking about being Asian. We shared about times when our story angles involving cultural nuances got lost in translation, our tendency to shy away from self-promotion, and other experiences related to being a minority in a niche field.

That experience gave us a kick in the butt to kickstart something we’ve considered for a while now—a way to grow and connect the Asia data community. So here we are, using our Medium to get things rolling!

Why are we doing this?

Asia’s languages and cultures are diverse, and it can be challenging to know of the interesting stuff others are doing with data, especially when it involves hyperlocal issues.

We want to help raise the profile of Asia’s data practitioners* and enthusiasts by amplifying the work they do and creating an affirming space where we can connect with one another more easily.

*Data practitioners can be designers, illustrators, writers, programmers — so long as what you’re doing (professionally or personally) involves data, we’re interested to hear from you!

Who are we looking for?

Data practitioners who are:

  • Ethnically Asian and living/working in Asia
  • Working within Asia (or on projects deeply involved in Asia)
  • Ethnically Asian and based outside Asia, but who share a strong connection with or interest in Asia’s data community and its issues
  • If you don’t fall under these categories but feel like you have something important to add to the community, do reach out anyway!

What content are we looking for?

For now, we’re starting things with interviews with Asian data practitioners and listicle write-ups about organisations, projects, and causes that use data to highlight issues in Asia. This is all quite new and exciting to us, so let us know if any other ideas for content come to mind!

We also accept pitches and reflections on any personal or professional projects that deal with data—this applies to any and all mediums (written, comics, audio, etc.). Just so you know, we’ll most likely consider new story pitches for our website publication instead of our Medium.

And what will we say no to?

We’re not looking to run ads or any purely promotional pieces for corporate organisations—we simply want a space to highlight members of Asia’s data community and the cool work they do.

That said, if your company or organisation has content that genuinely seeks to add to the community, let us know; we’ll think about it.

We also draw the line at any and all forms of bigotry and discrimination. That’s just not cool, folks.

How can you get in touch?

Please reach out to Mick (mick@kontinentalist.com)! It’ll be helpful if you include the following details in your email:

  • How you would like to contribute (be interviewed by Kontinentalist/pitch your project/ask to feature your organisation or work in a writeup, etc.)
  • Your connection to Asia and data.

He’ll also be happy to respond to any questions regarding this initiative :)

If you’d like to get a sense of what Kontinentalist does, do check out our website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, notes from the equator newsletter, and, of course, our Medium publication.

We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you—and to bringing Asia’s data community together, one story at a time!




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