Hey, Kopernik Digital Detox is BACK!

In the spirit of Nyepi, let’s take a day of silence, join Digital Detox and connect simple technologies to people in the last mile.

Yes, we are back again!

On March 2015, we challenged Kopernik’s supporters to join our Digital Detox challenge and disconnect from their high-tech digital devices on the day of Nyepi in Bali, a day of silence, meditation and reflection.

This year, once again Kopernik invites You and your friends to take on the Digital Detox challenge!

What is Digital Detox?

A digital detox refers to a state when a person refrains from using electronic devices to use that time for social interactions and other activities. It can relieve the stress and anxiety that comes from being over-occupied with digital devices.

Why Should I Join Digital Detox?

Want to know more about the reasons? Find out more in “Digital Detox in the Age of Tech Anxiety” and Disconnect to Connect: Digital Detox and Workplace Wellness — both written by our Communications team at Kopernik!

How Does Kopernik Digital Detox Work?

On 9 March this year, in the spirit of Nyepi, Kopernik invites you to join the Digital Detox fundraising challenge. On this day, we challenge you to disconnect from your digital devices and reconnect with your family and friends, free from digital distractions.

When your family and friends sponsor your Digital Detox, they are helping you to raise funds to connect people in remote communities with life-changing technologies. With the money you raise, Kopernik will connect clean birth kit technologies to mothers-to-be in Syria who have been displaced from their homes and communities by the ongoing civil war.

Why Syria?

This week marks four-and-a-half years of the armed-conflict in Syria, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war. The war has forced more than 11 million people to flee from their homes.

Kopernik is alarmed by the events in war-torn Syria, where mothers-to-be and their unborn children are feeling the terrible consequences of war. This story from our partner, Circle of Health International, is a tragic illustration of a war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives and pushed millions of others to flee, including mothers and mothers to be.

Through our Digital Detox challenge, your support can transform the lives of Syrian mums-to-be, who are unable to escape the conflict and gain access to appropriate health care. With the JANMA Clean Birth Kits, internally displaced mums-to-be in Syria will have access to sterile equipment needed for a safe birth.

Here’s How to Join:

Join us by becoming a fundraiser and take on the Digital Detox challenge:

RIGHT NOW: Sign up for Kopernik’s Digital Detox. You can set your own goal for the total amount of donations you want to raise, but remember to aim high!

TOMORROW: Once you’ve signed up, we’ll set up your personal fundraising page on the KitaBisa fundraising platform. Then, it’s up to you to customise your page and connect with your supporters in fun and imaginative ways.

UNTIL 9 MARCH: Encourage your friends and family to sponsor your digital detox — we’ll provide you with a fundraising communications kit, graphics and fundraising ideas, to help you spread the word.

8 MARCH: Remind everyone that you will be going offline on 9 March.

9 MARCH: Switch off your internet connection, disconnect your digital devices, and enjoy your time free from digital distractions!

AFTER 9 MARCH: When you go back online, let your sponsors know how you spent your time during your digital detox, how much money you raised, and show your gratitude for their support (we’ve got some fun ideas for thanking your supporters in your communications kit).

What You Can Do During the Digital Detox

You can get your creative juices flowing and make something for your supporters to thank them for their generous support. It can be a personal thank you note, a hand-drawn painting, or even a own homemade dish to share with friends and family! Be creative and make your Digital Detox day a fun challenge.

Here are some ideas of activities that you can do with the extra time you will have when you are disconnected from the internet:

  • Grab that book you never finished and finish it.
  • Get inspired, get artsy, and create something.
  • Challenge yourself to try new recipes.
  • Write letters or postcards to your friends and/or families.
  • Whether it’s singing, knitting, playing the guitar, or writing, use your knowledge and talent, gather people, make a class, teach something… and many more! You can do anything!

Show Us More Support!

You can also get our #disconnect2connect bracelet with minimum donations of Rp. 80.000.

By getting this bracelet, you have helped to connect simple, life-changing technologies to the people who need them the most, and at the same time to support Kopernik Digital Detox campaign.

This bracelet is a simple reminder for you, to put down your digital devices once in a while and to reconnect with what or who is around you, your loved ones, and yourself.

100% of the donations will go to the Syrian Refugees Response project. Reach us at our contact form for more information.

In the spirit of Digital Detox, let’s replace screen time with more people time!

Join our Digital Detox challenge and give generously. These mothers are not giving up, and neither should we.

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