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  • We prioritise the admission of people who are the best fit not for us, but for…

Change has been the only constant. We saw unpredictability and uncertainty being forcefully injected into our lives as the world entered an ongoing battle with one of the worst global pandemics in decades.

Only in the face of our new reality did we realise the many things in life that we had taken for granted. The social interactions we had with our friends and family — gathering in groups outside, affectionate hugs, holding hands — as we would come to know, would change in an unprecedented manner.

As we went through the period of mandatory confinement during Circuit Breaker last…

Relationship breakups are hard.

A whole wave of emotions come rushing over you and when you’re left to face this emotional conflict alone — it could be daunting. The laughter, the joy and happy memories reminiscent of the love you once shared in your relationship soon become the very source of pain that threatens to torment you and leave you shackled, unable to move on.

But why is it so hard to move on?

According to Psychology Today, knowing ourselves is integral to our wellbeing and self-love. When we’re in a relationship with someone, that’s the view we have of…

10 hours.

That’s the average amount of time millennials spend each week swiping through dating apps — a study by Badoo, the largest dating app in the world, has revealed. I’m sure most of us are no strangers to dating apps and how they work.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

Dating apps have taken modern romance by storm with its practicality and accessibility. With its customizability and niche, it’s not surprising to find more and more people turning to the apps to pursue romance. …

Romantic relationships aren’t for everyone — and by no means is having a lover a prerequisite to leading a happy and fulfilling life. But if one thing’s for certain, having healthy and loving relationships are beneficial to our wellbeing

Married, dating, single or evergreen? No matter your current relationship status right now, there was probably a time when you thought relationships to be a hassle. Getting to know someone, building that trust and fully committing to someone — these are all milestones that make up the long arduous journey of building a relationship with someone, platonic or romantic. …

5 ways to overcome the aftermath of leaving a toxic relationship

Let’s face it. Break-ups happen and recovering from them is no easy feat. The road to recovery can be especially bumpy if the relationship was a toxic one, leaving you with traumatic memories.

You could find yourself battling with constant self-blame once you forget the name-calling, the manipulation and the isolation. The emotional trauma sets us up on a long journey to re-learn the idea of a healthy relationship and this starts with self-love

The journey to self-love can be tough but we are here to help make the…

We meet strangers in our daily lives, more than we are actually aware of. It is another story to take the effort to connect with them and make this process less strange and more human.

The thought of talking to strangers would intimidate most, especially for an introvert like me, just the idea of it is enough to give me the cold sweats. Being an awkward potato who tends to feel out of place in social situations, I find it easier to avoid them entirely (This pandemic just made it a whole lot easier). …

It’s easy to say that rejection is part of life, but it’s hard to believe that it’s not you.

1. Most of the time… it is not you

In a world that glorifies relationships, it does not place enough emphasis on knowing yourself first. Figure out…

Love is kissing her lips at midnight the same night she screamed at a service staff for no particular good reason. Love is picking up a trail of clothes he left in your room, although the laundry basket is clearly way within reach.

Love is lying in bed for the first time, holding each other’s soft, gentle gaze, feeling immensely tired from staying awake, but not wanting to rest your eyes, fearing you can never recreate this moment. It’s insisting on doing the dishes together, even when one of you offers to do it alone.

Love is the exact moment…

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