A year ago, I left my job without finding another job beforehand. It was, in all accounts, a leap of faith. Now what?

(This is Day 6 entry of my 30 Days of Thoughts Challenge. You can read more about the writing challenge here.)

I had been thinking about it for so long I already forgot when I started thinking of leaving my previous job. But it was only last year that I finally left. Years ago I was no longer happy with my work and felt I needed a fresh environment. Last year when I finally left, it wasn’t because I was unhappy. It was because I knew I had to do it. I knew I needed to go some other place or places before I finally call it quits for good.

The day after my resignation, I was home in Cagayan de Oro. For the first time in so many years, I was in Cagayan thoroughly relax without worrying about work when I get back. Today, a year after that resignation, I am at home again in Cagayan de Oro. And although I now have a job in another company and will have to return to it after this short time off I am as relaxed as I was last year. In this regard perhaps I made the right decision to quit my old job.

For two months after my resignation, I didn’t try to find a new job. I enjoyed waking up every day without an alarm. I could start my day anytime I want and I could end my day anytime I want. I was resting and enjoying. It was a blast.

On the third month, I flew to the Little Red Dot to find work. For one month nobody wanted to interview me. But my stay got extended so I did not worry. In the middle of the second month, I still hadn’t find a job. I was devastated. I wrote about it in my other (first) blog. Thank God it remained in the drafts folder.

I reread the draft a few weeks ago and I was amused at how sad I was the day I wrote it. I was amused because I reread it at work in the office of my new company. There I was enjoying a coffee break in my new job, reading about me being sad for not having found work for almost two months. Things had fallen into place since that sad day.

Today I look back with gladness, happy that I took that leap of faith. I am happy at where that leap landed me. Not that I have achieved all that I want. That would mean I have nothing left to look forward to and might as well just wait for death. But still I look back with gladness to everything that has happened since my resignation up to today, one year after.

I am glad for the friends who took me in while I looked for a job.

I am glad for the concerts that I attended: from Jason Mraz to Christina Perri to world-class orchestra and choirs.

I am glad for the musicals that I got to see: The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast.

I am glad for the opportunity to have watched the top eight women’s tennis players compete against each other.

I am glad for the small trips I took with my friends: The Colmar Tropicale Resorts in Malaysia, The Penang Run in Penang.

I am glad for all the badminton games that I’ve played with the people that I care about.

I am glad for friends who inspired me to start running. At first I said I’ll just do some walking. But later I did run and I still run today. And they were the ones that inspired me.

I am glad for the friend who went with me to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, the first IMAX movie I saw in the “small city”. I miss her.

Now what?

Like what I said at the start of the year, I’m going to focus on experiences. Chief among this newfound goal is the Paris and Amsterdam trip in June. And there’s this trip to Barcelona and Prague in October brewing in my mind. That leap of faith a year ago, it seems, will bring me to places I’ve always dreamed of seeing. And I thank God for that leap and thank the friends that helped push.

P.S. I turned 35 today.

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