5 Changes in Your Best Friends Behavior, Indicating they are Withdrawing from You !!

Realizing that your relationship with your best friend is no more on the same page is completely shattering. What’s more painful is ‘accepting’ it that things are not same anymore. There could be one or more reasons behind the fall. However, I am confining this article on a few changes in the behavior (in no particular order) of a person, which may help to identify that things had begun to change or might have already changed a little. You may also find answers on how you can save your friendship which may be on the verge of parting ways:

  1. They start lying. Although, I firmly believe that lying could be as destructive in a relationship as those tiny termites for trees and timber. Therefore, you need to look out for clues when your best friend is lying to you. If you come across any such lie, or you think they are lying to you, then try to sort it out immediately. Do not let even a single lie take a shape of a big misunderstanding that has an immense capacity to destroy your friendship forever.
  2. Conflicts remain unresolved. The biggest mistake I would say. Never leave your discussions/conflicts to remain unsettled. If you haven’t settled those yet, go right now and finish it before it’s too late. Either conclude those unresolved discussions or let it go forever, but never leave it for a later date (in short don’t keep delaying & avoid confronting).
  3. They plan trips without you. It is fine if you don’t stay in the same city or area. The problem is if you do and your best friend plans a trip/outing without you. It clearly indicates that there is some issue trying to create a space. Dig into that problem and throw it out of your life.
  4. They ignore you, start making new friends. Well, making new friends could be a good sign. But it brutally hurts when your best friend starts ignoring you. Making new friends is fine; it would only be a huge point of concern when this happens while keeping the old ones at stake. We need to identify things such as; being ignored, no more friendly talks, no frequent hangouts, no proper replies to your texts and more such tips. Next time when you notice things going this way, simply initiate a talk and try to resolve the issue (I would say, snub if this has happened only for a couple of times). P.S: Sometimes, the act of making new friends could just be to grab your attention — so you should be celebrating if this is the case.
  5. They start hiding things. You are no longer sharing things, In fact hiding it all. Whoa, whoa….. this can be a real big issue to deal with. Because, according to me, if things between two people reached this point, then I would consider things to have gone a long way out of your hands. Remember, Taj Mahal wasn’t built in a day. If a person started being secretive, then it is hard to break that inner shield evolved deep inside over a period of time. This may be indicating that the person no longer has faith in you. So, you need to try and regain that person’s trust. Find out the loopholes and clarify issues with utmost priority, truth, and patience. Also, keep in mind, things at this node could be on the verge of breaking apart permanently. But, if your bond was ever stronger before this started to happen, then dear friends, nothing can shake your relationship. Just a decent approach is all that you may require getting things right.

Do remember these are just a few points elaborated. Relationships are beyond these points. There is always a gut feeling involved in relationships. Listen to it, listen to your intuition. Neither should you nor you should let your friends walk away just because there are misunderstandings. Things can be sorted out (only a will to solve is needed).

Life is way too short to regret. It shouldn’t be like — situations wanted to turn in your favor, & were probably just waiting for you, but you never responded. Because, few years down the line, no matter how much even you want to go back to the way things were, you CAN NOT. Things keep changing all the time. So, it’s better to change yourself, when needed, LET GO OF YOUR EGO and just SPEAK.

TRUE FRIENDS are crucial than your EGO.

Think about it.

Thanks for reading !!