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Madusha Kumarasiri
Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read
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Facebook page is one of the must have tool for any online business. It helps business owners to spread updates among vast fan audience. Koraki supports integrating your Facebook fan page with the power of realtime updates.

Facebook fan page integration is using webhooks, so it’s realtime

Let’s see how to integrate your Facebook fan page with Koraki to generate notifications. Currently Koraki — Facebook pages integration supports following types of notifications.


Koraki generates notifications instantly when someone makes a positive review.

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Comments and posts

New notifications are generated when fans make comments on an existing post or post something on page wall

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Like count increase summary

A summary notification is created hourly about the fan count increase. This notification is created hourly.

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Integrating Facebook with Koraki

Now lets see how we can integrate your Facebook fan page updates with Koraki. First you need to log into Koraki admin app and navigate to applications tab from left menu. Choose your application and go to the integrations tab. If you don’t have any application yet, follow this guide to create your first application.

You need to have Koraki Personal or Enterprise plan to use Facebook

Click on the Integrate button of Facebook integration box.

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Next, click on Connect button. This will take you to Facebook login page. Login to facebook with an account in which you have admin or manage privilege to the page you want to integrate with. You will be asked to provide access to Koraki to manage your pages. Here we are using manage page permissions to list down your pages and create a new webhook to get realtime updates to Koraki.

Once you are redirected back to Koraki, you will see a dropdown to select a fan page you manage. Select one and click on Subscribe for Notifications button.

You are all done!

Koraki will pull fan count hourly on a random minute.

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