Laser 3.14

6 Poems (from: White Phosphorus)


Goodbye, Arthur Miller
Goodbye you ol’ dead salesman
Say hello to the blonde if you can

Goodbye, James Joyce
Ulysses an endless stream of words
Don’t you worry none
They sure as hell were heard

Goodbye, John Steinbeck
The grapes of Wrath
On a lifeboat with Hitchcock
I’ve watched the clock
Go from tick to tock

Goodbye, Allen Ginsberg
You dared to confront the constraints of life’s bore
Moloch’s screams can still be heard
Through the crack of our doors

Goodbye, Hank Chinaski
What more can I do
Than lift my glass filled with red
In honour of you

Goodbye, Mr Burroughs
If I had bug powder in my vicinity
I would forever wander The Interzone
And leave all this crap behind me

Goodbye, Arthur Miller
Goodbye you ol’ dead salesman
Say hello to the blonde if you can


Seconds away from disaster
The room is filled with laughter
The wine is poured faster
We lie to ourselves

We should swim in bleach
On a bleach beach
Play with a bleach beach ball
Bleach the trees
Bleach the flowers
Bleach the fall

Even if we all bleach our skin
The darkness comes from within

Television assaulting images of necrosis
Purchase things you need as much as leprosy
Under the bleached flag of pseudo-democracy


I throw myself through a glass window
Falling down
Getting closer to the ground
For all pedestrians to see
Will I pull up or kiss the concrete?

I hit the ground
What once mattered splatters all around
Pulling myself together again
Deciding to flee this town

I kick-start and accelerate
The light poles are coming to meet
Behind me the city where my heart lies broken
On a thousand streets

I’m ready to face a new dawn
Drive into the sunset and I’m gone


George watched the horse pull the cart
Carrying the goods
As the farmer rhythmically lashed away
The horse took it one after the other
It was a sunny day

If only the horse knew his true power
George thought. He could overpower the…’

Then a name appeared


I can still see it
How it started
Me joyous
Calling in on you

In rapture
Beneath a willow tree
You dialling in on me

We’re entangled
Killing, killing time
In heaven
Absent all traces of hell

At first light
It was the best farewell


Eclectic summertime
The sun goes down
Not so diffuse anymore
Cataclysm to beat schism
Strange odours reach the nostrils
Cars pass by
Entering or escaping this city

The pariahs come out
Their bodies show the mileage
Upheaval in their souls
Upheaval in their souls
Open wounds or abscesses
Chemical obsessions
Drag your body across the street
Just a dollar and a room
And be rid for a moment of all this gloom
Red light flickering
Pool game clatter
Ready for the casket
Too soon
Too soon
A big diamond shaped moon

White Phosphorus will be published on november 10th at 3PM, and will be printed ‘live’ on the Espresso Book Machine at the American Book Center in Amsterdam. For more info:

Laser 3.14’s passion for graffiti began as a kid in the early 80’s; greatly inspired by early Amsterdam writers like Ego, Dr Smurry, Dragon, Collodi, Tarantula. In 1984 he attended graphic school in Amsterdam: It was here where he met the brother of Harakiri, an artist who he, and many others, considered an old-school graffiti king: He taught Laser the ins and outs of tagging and much of what he knows to this very day.
Around the early 1990’s, he began sketching and producing comics, illustrating, and writing poetry. Experimenting in this manner led him to showcasing much of what was produced. Towards the end of the 90’s he ran into an artistic impasse and felt the need to re-ignite a creative spark he felt had been lost. As a result, he went back to his roots; graffiti writing. It was at this point he began to utilize the city as his canvas, and turned his poetry into street art.

In 2009 he published Are You Reading Me?, a collection of stills and photographs of his outdoor poetry, with Lebowski Publishers in Holland.