About Krakow Scala User Group

What KSUG does, where we meet, our history and the KSUG chapter.

Michał Pociecha
Aug 17, 2018 · 3 min read

What’s KSUG?

KSUG is a community which gathers Scala language enthusiasts in and around Kraków — including many people with extensive commercial experience but also ones who are currently starting their adventure with Scala.

We’re interested in everything that has something even very loosely in common with Scala: the language itself and its features, plans for the future, open source contribution, functional concepts expressed in Scala, libraries, frameworks, big data, reactive programming and many more. We try to keep a balance between advanced topics and events for newcomers.

Usually we meet once a month and listen to talks prepared by people from our community or external guests. In most cases in recent years our venue is the barge.

Lectures are not our only activities — we hold workshops, hackathons etc. We’re open for cooperation with anyone who would like to help us set up various events.


KSUG has existed since December 2012. As Lightbends’ Konrad Malawski said:

“ On our regular computer science white paper reading club meetings, SCKRK, I was for a very long time the only Scala fan in the group. During one of those meetings I met Rafał [editor’s note: Rafał Pokrywka, the CEO of VirtusLab] and we decided to go ahead and found the Kraków Scala User Group. It has been operating and growing ever since then. Soon after other cities picked up the trend and Scala and its ecosystem have become a thing to stay in our communities.”

At the beginning, to promote Scala in Kraków and in Poland in general, we held events which we called ScalaCamps. We invited many guests from abroad — well-known people from the Scala community like the guys from Typesafe (now Lightbend) or EPFL. Currently the community is very vibrant and big (over 1300 registered members, often between 40 and 100 people registered for particular events).

KSUG chapter

Some time ago we founded a chapter whose members meet, discuss ideas and come up with plans for the coming months. The KSUG chapter members are:

  • Adam Gajek
  • Konrad Malawski
  • Krzysztof Romanowski
  • Michał Płachta
  • Michał Pociecha
  • Paweł Dolega
  • Piotr Gawryś

You can contact us by sending a message to krakow-scala-organizers[AT]googlegroups.com

Useful links

Recorded lectures: YouTube

Social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter


VirtusLab: Our main, founding sponsor. It has covered most of our costs like the venue, beverages etc. since the very beginning. VirtusLab’s event team usually helps with the logistics.

JetBrains: A sponsor of IntelliJ licenses. Thanks to JetBrains, right now we can give out up to two yearly licenses per month.

Krakow Scala

Kraków Scala User Group

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