What is IoT and how is Kramaa making it secure by leveraging blockchain?

Internet of Things (IoT) comprises of various physical devices that use internet to collect, process, & transmit vast amounts of data. The data could be critical & privacy-sensitive. They have been targets of various cyber-attacks for eg. DDOS. Many of the new IoT devices, are low energy & lightweight which makes security & privacy quite challenging. Traditional security methods are expensive in terms of energy consumption & processing costs. Frameworks are highly centralized & not necessarily well-suited due to the difficulty of scale, many-to-one nature of the traffic, & single point of failure. Consequently IoT demands a lightweight, scalable, distributed & secure framework.

Blockchain can overcome these challenges due to its distributed, secure, & private nature. Smart contracts could be integrated to prevent overrides for data manipulation. Information is shared across a decentralized, cryptographically secure network which mitigates single point failure risk with multiple nodes that transfer data on a peer-to-peer basis to keep the rest of the network running smoothly. A secured mesh network can be created that will allow IoT devices to connect securely & reliably avoiding the threats of device spoofing & impersonation. Every IoT node can be registered in the blockchain & will have a blockchain id which will uniquely identify the device. This solution will be applicable to a wide range of IoT services. Some of the examples will be logistics, packaging, pharmaceuticals etc.

Kramaa is a Singapore based technology company converging latest technologies in blockchain, IoT, and analytics. The Company has created a blockchain based application (“The platform”) for IoT identities linked to physical assets on Xinfin’s proven hybrid blockchain architecture. The platform securely integrates physical assets & IoT devices through blockchain, smart contracts & firmware for creating digital identity, provenance, authentication, e-commerce, supply chain & finance. Industry applications for the platform include smart cities, pharma, packaging, logistics, Fashion / Luxury, Food & beverages, precious metals & Jewelry.

Kramaa offers an open API to build applications leveraging the registry platform

Industry — Pharmaceuticals, Smart City, Art and Collectibles, Fashion and Luxury, Food & Beverages, Logistics

Use Cases — Digital Identity, Authentication, Track and Trace, Anti- Counterfeit, Tokenization and Automation

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