“I couldn’t help but notice it was a bit racist in places”

Sebastian Esser
Jan 5, 2016 · 7 min read

2016 “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler will be published in Germany for the first time since the end of WWII. So how is it? Theresa Bäuerlein and I took to Amazon in the US, UK and India to get some reviews.

⭐ 1 Star

As for the book itself. I loved it!! I found it very compelling and an interesting perspective of history.
Joseph Cons, USA

The worst book I have read so far. His way of speaking had to have been better than his writing skills. He goes on and on about the same things. A lot of the points he makes against his “enemies” can actually be used against him. I like to read controversial/world shaping books but boy did I go wrong with this one. Almost, made me give up on reading.
Gabriel Espinales, USA

Hated it, wish I could rate it no stars.
marvin r mcneese, USA

I am National Socialist for 20 years already… (one of the hated one)…
I have read all translations.. and i can say that this translation (ford translation) is bad and misleading… Mr Ford do not represent idea and wisdom of A.H. in real sense … If you want good translation take translation of James Murphy, it is officially translated, and approved under order of NSDAP…
Jela, USA

Seriously- I bought this book because it had such great reviews. It’s crap. Just like Hitler was crap.
Not drinking the Koolaid, USA

Poorly written, random train of thought, dry read.
Thomas Brungard, USA

Could not get in to it at all.

it sucks i wanted to void my bouwls and pull all my teeth out. got past the first chapter and i felt as though i had just done 5 years in a maximum security prison and planet butt cheeks.
Eddie, USA

First of all, the book is way too long. Secondly, you begin to wonder where the author gets all these ideas!
Bill Butler, USA

Judith L. Long, USA

I read most of it and became bored? He would have been a great leader if he had some heart for all people and not just for the Germans.
Caroline Ash, USA

im not sure, if in hindsight, Germans actually wanted totalitarianism, but by raving a lot, Hitler made it sound like a really good idea!
Kat<3, USA

It is dry and to rambling. The basis is what catches your interest, but it doesn’t measure up. I am disappointed.
Stacey, USA

⭐⭐ 2 Stars

Very boring narrative — and perhaps a bit too one sided version??
Saradha, UK

Nice book .must read.I have not finished it yet but is interesting.just go for it.yeah and not for people who hate hitler
Rajesh sarang, India

⭐⭐⭐ 3 Stars

It’s a fascinating read, but why did amazon have to use gold stars for this book?
aaron klopfer, USA

He ruminates endlessly over the same issues from his point of view. Read every 10th page and you will learn what it has to offer.
Anonymus, USA

Got for my son who requested it. He read some but never picked it up again
W.Byrd, USA

Yolanda Summers, USA

If you liked Obama’s two books, Dreams from My Father and Audacity of Hope, you’ll love this.
Same style same truth of weak and emotional ill person .
Hitler’s trouble youth and disappointments and his shallow endorsement of fascist/ socialist lies and blaming a group of people and a culture for his view of the world is more appreciated when compared to Obama’s two books of similar theme.
David S. Johnson, USA

It’s alright.
Arthur E. Wallace, USA

Was a gag gift for a friend. Definitely think he enjoyed reading it though.
Megan Kasperczyk, USA

I presume it to be very educational, I just can not confirm that at this point in time, I expect to get to it someday.
James Elmer, USA

Well into the first chapter I was completely taken aback at the author’s unexpected sensitivity. I think he may at the beginning, have intended to write his autobiography, telling the story of a deeply troubled teenager struggling between his artistic sensitivities and a developing sense of political imperative. Unfortunately, in subsequent chapters the theme and tone of his writing devolved into the kind of rantings more in keeping with his despotic image. It was not long before any sympathy I had for the lad gave way to abhorrence for his fanatic bigotry. I will try to finish it, but frankly the effort will be meinen eigenen Kampf.

Sieg heil! Mit der volkswagen mit der spark plug! Oon! . Sauerbraten in der bier garten mit spatzel and fraulien! Oon! Das bustenhalter must kumm off zooner or later!
Anacreon, USA

I would not recommend the book for the general public, It is not written by an intellectual. Hitler had a mediocre education as evident in his writing and the text is loaded with prejudice assumptions.
Beatrix Von, USA

I put my ego aside and read this book, it started out interesting and I was intrigued by Part 1. But Part 2 put me to sleep and I felt like Hitler was just rambling from there on out. The only chapter that I think is great, is chapter 6 about propaganda. A lot of the principles he lays out in that chapter can be seen in society today, everywhere from marketing, politics and even business. Probably his best contribution to society.
Ian, USA

It is really difficult for me to read this book iam not a much reader but my sister says it is okay..
raghul Krishnan, India

I was very eager to read this book, to know more about the Nazi propaganda, Hitler’s ideas, etc. And frankly they are very imposing and can actually make an impression on the readers’ minds, this book gives a lot of insightful on the inner turmoil of the leader but have a really negative aura, I actually thought I’d become a dictator or something after reading this one…
Darshan Jain, India

My god this is a difficult to read book, i have a degree in history.
tried reading it 3 times never got even a 1/3 the way through. Problem is it was dictated and not edited so it dosent flow, very hard to read.
Also spoilers — contains racist material!
adam, UK

As celebrity autobiographies go, this one was certainly well written, however I couldn’t help but notice it was a bit racist in places.
It rather put me in mind of Richard Littlejohn’s column in the Mail.
C. L. Martin

The author doesn’t view all ethnicities as equal. We are all part of the same race — the human race. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s a bad man.
You only live once, UK

himanshu, India

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 Stars

A very interesting and a inspirational book. Adolf Hitler life showed how people earn their livelihood and and how people struggling in their life. How a persone reached his goal with hardship in his life.
Aamir Ali, India

Good book, nice read, but dull, happy i bought it :)
Vipin Venugopalan, India

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars

This book is a difficult read because the Germans don’t seem to know what a period is. The sentences go on and on with only a comma now and then.
Susanna Hutcheson, USA

While most of us know only the negative side of Hitler, this book tells how mature he was for his age, his visions for his country, and his ideas on politics, education, arts and culture.
Irrespective of the authenticity of this book, it gives a lot of knowledge of the things mentioned above.
Harsha, India

It all depends on how you interpret the content… I found something that pertains to current scenario…(before u get ready to stone me for somewhat supporting the content read the next few lines) Problems like unemployment, miseries of the burgeous society, ignorance to historical background if our own country, etc still persist in today’s world. He was someone who could excite people by his oratory skills. It would be great if I could get to enjoy such persuasive prowess in any of today’s speakers.

This book deserves at least a single pass by anyone who has some interest in European history or in personality analytics. It will be good experience, trust me.
Mainak Bhattacharjee, India

It was great to know hitler’s perspective about world. But in middle of the book you feel like boring, banal subject. One thing is for sure, he was a great leader, great speaker and self-made man. From rags to royal palace he built his own path. Some perspectives sound fine, some not. There are some lines which will spellbind you, but there are more lines which drive to drop this book.
Dr.Death, India

Most versions of Mein Kampf have Hitler and the Nazi sign on the cover so it’s impossible to read in the park while the kids are on the swings. This Stalag edition corrects that great injustice!
Halifax Student Account, UK

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