Dawn of a new era. Time for fun. Tequila all around!

When I envisioned Kreate. Agency — I pictured a modern advertising agency. Our motto to this day is “Keep It Simple.” Now with life, we all go through phases of growth. And today — we have reached our fun, and rebellious years. You would have seen that we have updated our CI like my spouse changes shoes. It might be a good thing — it might not.

The beauty is, with the ever changing world of Digital — we allow ourselves to do such things. There are no more 100 year old brands, with ancient looking colour palettes and “The 90s-Called websites”. Everything has become minimal — and I dare to say Sexy! (Queue ‘Designgasm’).

Now to our first major redesign, I rejoice. I life the tequila and shout “Welcome to Teenage Hood old boy!” Yes, tequila was a big thing in my teens — blame my craziness on this alone.

“What is different?” you might be asking. Well from a company standpoint nothing — but from a focused outlook on design. Everything. Gone are the days of grey & white, and some more grey. Welcome to colour. Incorporating our Scrollable Showcase concept into our website was also a very important. Making each Project jump out of the screen is the way we did it. You will see each Project has it’s own flare and it’s own identity. This is because we wanted to show that no matter the brief — your Project would be different.

Oh, a blog. Now look at that!

We have finally progressed the move back into the territory with our very own blog. We will still be publishing everything on Medium — but our SEO guy is very happy about this.

Responsive & More Responsive

Even though we always pride ourselves to being 100% Responsive — sometimes things happen. We have treated our own website the same we would with any client. Be as meticulous as possible. Not only trying it on every browser and devices we have to our advantage — but also via In-App browsers. Yes, we took that extra step.

Gradient. Very Original…

We know that gradient is the in thing right now, and I won’t deny that this was a big factor in the redesign. But we always said that we would only use a gradient when it was deemed necessary. But boy doesn’t it look pretty!

But why such a different approach?

This was asked on the first testing phase of the new look. And the answer comes down to this — at heart we are all fun and out-going, and I would like for our online presence to show this. So to summarise, yes we re-branded the site (again).

Yes we love our new site (again). And yes, we will most probably rebrand again. This is why it’s called #NewNew.

Let us see what #NewNewNew would bring down the line. For now, enjoy the pretty subtle animations and gorgeous gradient. I know I will.

Originally published at www.kreate.agency.