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Join Seth Densen Bring Prosperous Changes to Palm Beach County’s District 86

Credit: Seth Densen

Meet Seth, an advocate and educator with over 20 years in social services and over half a decade in child welfare services. He’s seen firsthand the need in Florida for reforms related to funding for education, child trafficking, elder and child abuse, adoption, LGBTQ+ equality, and women’s rights. He’s ready to take on the systemic injustices and emergent issues in Palm Beach County and around the state for a brighter future for Florida. Credit: Seth Densen

Credit: Moving Mountains with Sasha | Image: Seth Densen

Seth makes an appearance on Moving Mountains with Sasha to discuss his proposed initiatives for Palm Beach County and how local Floridians can become active participants in guiding these important causes to the forefront. Local, National and Global audiences learn about Seth’s professional and life history as he embarks upon his political career. Some of his campaign initiatives focus on: Education, Child Welfare, Homelessness & Mental Health, Overall Infrastructure and Prevention. Listeners are granted an inside perspective from an advocate and educator who’s focused on planning today, for a brighter tomorrow.

Seth’s interview with Sasha is available on iHeartRadio.



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