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Meet Dani Diarbakerly, Entrepreneur & Founder of KingPro

Credit: Dani Diarbakerly;

Dani is a self-taught screen printer and graphic designer. In 2018, Dani was hired to print at Off-White Nike activation and was included in Hypebeast printing with Virgil Abloh. In an incredibly competitive industry, Diarbakerly has successfully worked with large corporations like Instagram, General Mills, Target, Pepsi, and celebrities with Epic Records by avoiding the arrogant entrepreneur mindset. She was also the only woman to be selected by Screenprinting Magazine as a rising star for 2022 in the specialty graphics industry. Dani’s rising entrepreneurial presence can also be found on Influencer Daily and NY Weekly. She’s the Founder and Owner of KingPro, a company that takes pride working with customers to find the best materials and designs that align with their needs. Credit: Dani Diarbakerly

Tune into her latest interview on Moving Mountains with Sasha here.

Dani shares the following golden nuggets with audiences:

  • Lessons learned while collaborating with prominent brands in the market.
  • What is branding? She offers tips to refine one’s brand management strategy. All brands are not created equal. Learn how to stand out!
  • How the pandemic has increased demands for certain services in the design & specialty graphics industry. Dani shares how the custom apparel space is evolving among various market segments. Get the latest update on existing and upcoming fashion trends.
  • What experiences helped refine Dani’s self and professional development.
  • Find out what’s next on the horizon for KingPro in 2022 and beyond.



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