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Spirituality and Benefits of Theta Healing

Meet Chelsea Henderson, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Healing Practitioner
Credit: Chelsea Henderson

Meet Chelsea Henderson, Entrepreneur and Theta Healing Practitioner

When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up at he age of five, Chelsea’s response was “A Healer”. Since childhood she was an Empath and highly intuitive. Always picking up on the energy and emotions of others was simply a lot of stimuli, and overwhelming at times. As she grew into her teenage years she realized this was not a curse, but a gift. She then learned to use these gifts to motivate, empower, emotionally heal, and intuitively offer words and advice that would provide solutions to other’s problems in life. After studying psychology, pre-med, and realizing neither fields were what she aligned with at the core of her being she began a normal corporate job. It wasn’t until she realized it was not the effort, education, intellectual abilities, or any of that alone bringing her the results she wanted. It was a state of being that she was tapped into at all times, sometimes referred to as the state of “Flow”. After much research on everything from science to spirituality to behaviors and qualities of “The Greats” in history, she discovered a multitude of healing modalities. Now Chelsea practices these techniques to heal, enhance performance in, and mentor other. Chelsea lives with the mission of raising human consciousness and expanding awareness of the true human potential that lives within us all. Credit: Chelsea Henderson’s Site

Listen to her latest interview exploring spirituality, healing and self-development here.

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