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Introducing Krellian — Interactive Digital Signage

For the last six weeks I’ve been enrolled in YCombinator’s Startup School, working towards the launch of a new technology startup.

Today I’m excited to introduce Krellian, a software platform for interactive digital signage, built on web standards.

If you walk around any large town or city today you’ll notice that you’re surrounded by screens. Digital billboards, information kiosks, self-service kiosks, interactive exhibits, digital menus and departure boards.

A lot of those screens are running outdated consumer-grade operating systems and proprietary content runtimes. They’re unreliable, inefficient and insecure. How many times have you seen a digital billboard that’s gone dark, departure boards with a Windows error message on the screen or even ATMs with a blue screen of death?

With Krellian, I am building a software platform for interactive digital signage, built on web standards. A simple, reliable web-based operating system and a secure cloud service for monitoring, controlling and deploying content to connected displays over the internet.

Krellian’s products will build on everything I have learnt over the last decade working on Webian, Firefox OS and Mozilla WebThings. I believe the web technologies I’ve helped standardise around installable web apps and the Web of Things could have enormous potential if applied to the digital signage market.

For example, a purpose-built operating system for displaying modern web content, which can be remotely managed over the internet, could significantly reduce content creation costs and technician call-out fees.

I’m also delighted that Krellian has been accepted onto the High Potential Startups programme, powered by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership. Over the next six months we’ll be working together to better understand customer needs, bring products to market and ultimately grow the business to create more high-tech jobs in the North East of England.

Are you interested in providing in-person digital experiences to your customers? Perhaps you work in advertising, hospitality, healthcare, museums, travel, retail or entertainment? Or do you sell digital signage to your own customers? I’d love to hear more about your needs and the problems you are trying to solve.

Register your interest today at and follow Krellian on Twitter and Facebook.




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Ben Francis

Ben Francis

Founder of Krellian. W3C Invited Expert on Web Applications and the Web of Things. Previously: Mozilla & Google.

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