The sweatpants revolution

In Februari this year I decided to go all in on freelancing with my alter ego razitazi. My soul was drained after a six months period of solid UX work for one single, really trafficked, page. To spend six months, using your skills in design to help a rich company getting richer is like study to be a doctor just to help the king with his soar feet. For six months I hadn’t wrote a single line of code because after eight hours at a desk with a heartless task I was to tired to find that excited me who tried out every new stupid Javascript framework just for fun. I was a zombie that sold my soul to stupid user testing just to prove stupid things I already knew. You get it, I was not a happy person and needed to change like everything. Going freelance was the only, really scary, option I could think of.

The first time was indeed scary. I contacted several companies that helps other rich companies to find freelancers to put in cubicles in large open office spaces. So that’s just a different kind of dead. You make way more money but it was far from the life I was after. I say life because we spend the most of our time at, or with, working so obviously it will affect how we feel and live the few hours we’re “free”. I wanted to feel free even when I worked and maybe, maybe even not feel like I sold my soul to pay the rent. What I later came to realise was I was hunting for the sweatpants revolution.

It was interesting to find out that my skills was really, really needed by a lot by companies that just don’t exist to take your money. I didn’t took long before that old colleagues boyfriends uncles sister called, old clients that still loved your work from years back and that random person who found your website through Instagram. I didn’t took long until I had my own base of clients and could say no to the cubicle hunters. So I bought a shit ton of nice sweatpants, you know the drop-crotch-skinny-leg-joggers, black ones, army patterns and I felt free for the first time in so long that I magically lost weight, looked healthier and started to reach my daily walking goal on my smart watch, without trying. The projects just kept coming in and that magic moment when a client chooses you after the most renowned branding agency in the country. That is a feeling of pure awesomeness.

But I needed some kind of social context during the days. Just some people around me and I never really like to sit in coffee shops. I heard a lot about KNACKERIET, a shared space for freelancers and small companies. I herd it was a “hippie place” and that fitted my needs perfectly. They just take in people they know about and I was lucky to get recommended and before I knew it I took of my shoes at the entrance and laid down in a vintage sofa. I was home and I was not alone.

At KNACKERIET I found fellow sweatpant-heros and inspiring individuals who started their own dream life and I was really not alone with being swamped with requests, so I started KRIG. It means war in Swedish because it is a fucking war to get out of the zombie life that we learn to accept as the norm. It’s a fucking war to get to that point when you realise that you can decide for yourself. It’s a war and we call ourself “Krigare”, fighters.

KRIG is just a forum to give and share to fellows. A handpicked little group to ensure that you can recommend someone to the work you can’t, or don’t want to take. To ensure that the work of your buddies meets your standard. We’re not even really public yet but the work comes in. We don’t know what KRIG will be in the future because it is what we make it, together as a group. I’m just really happy and proud to have started something that might help someone to get out of a life they don’t feel happy with. Hopefully we develop something really cool out of it, I think we will.

Did I mention that I’m a fucking webmaster now days?

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