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The Internet of Things market is one of the fastest growing and prospective at present. IoT technologies can be widely applicable in different consumer and business segments, such as smart homes, healthcare, retail and more. The expected number of IoT devices connected to the existing internet infrastructure by 2020 is around 20 billion. Blockchain provides extended opportunities for the rapidly developing Internet of Things industry, including higher level of security, increased reliability, decentralization and others. Blockchain-based IoT projects help bridging the gap of connecting the objects from physical world to the virtual world. Some of the most popular startups employing blockchain and IoT to build a number of cutting edge solutions for businesses and individuals are given below.


IOTA is an open-source distributed ledger meant to power the future of the IoT with feeless microtransactions and data integrity for machines. The special feature of the project is implementation of its own Tangle software protocol instead of traditional blockchain. The advantage of Tangle is that transactions are processed in parallel. Tangle provides for zero fees, infinite scalability, fast transactions, secure data transfer and others. The goal of the project is to become a fundamental ecosystem for the Internet of Things.

Website: iota.org


Waltonchain is a blockchain and IoT ecosystem meant to realize consensus, co-governance, co-sharing and co-integration of IoT data and services in the information era. It implements technical applications in a number of different industries, such as clothing, food, collection, logistics and more. Waltonchain utilizes RFID and blockchain technologies to create a shared, traceable, and transparent model for businesses. It implements Waltonchain Proof of Contribution (WPoC) consensus mechanism to maintain the development of its cross-chain ecosystem.

Website: waltonchain.org


NetObject is a platform with focus on helping enterprises to derive maximum benefit from leveraging blockchain, IoT, machine learning and big data in the most optimal manner. It offers services in the areas of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, using the strength of IoT for data acquisition and actuation, AI for analytical insights and blockchain for information dissemination. NetObject also provides a Digital Asset Management platform allowing tracking asset performance and compliance.

Website: netobjex.com


Atonomi provides a security protocol and infrastructure to enable trusted interoperability between billions of IoT devices. Atonomi platform offers extensible architecture encouraging third-party development. The platform provides identity validation on immutable ledger, device reputation tracking based on monitored transactions, transactions between validated devices regardless of manufacturer and extensibility to support IoT devices across a variety of use cases. The Atonomi Network can be applied in the fields of Smart Cities, HealthCare, Autonomous Vehicles, Industrial, Smart Homes and others.

Website: atonomi.io


Ambrosus is a blockchain-based IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises enabling secure and stable connection between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases. The network is meant to optimize supply chain visibility and quality insurance in enterprise IoT ecosystems. Ambrosus combines multi-layered blockchain with IoT sensor systems to create an end-to-end data integrity solution. Encrypted anti-counterfeiting mechanisms tag customer products with a unique and immutable digital identity. The project offers open-source infrastructure and easy integration into legacy software and hardware which make it developer-friendly.

Website: ambrosus.com

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