Kript Connected Exchanges: Bittrex

You can add your Bittrex account to Kript app and take advantage of managing your crypto portfolio in a safe and easy-to-use manner.

Bittrex overview

24 hour volume: ~$72 million

Number of trading pairs: >300

Fiat support: trading, deposits, withdrawals

Verification: obligatory

Markets: BTC, ETH, USD, USDT

Special features: complete compliance with US legislation; superior security system

Order types: Limit order; Stop-loss order; Time in Force (Good-Til-Cancelled order; Immediate-Or-Cancel order)

Supported countries: >170


Bittrex is among the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and can be considered a must-have trading platform for the typical crypto trader. It provides access to hundreds of digital currencies and is famous for being exceptionally safe due to its brilliant security system and that is no wonder as the team of the project consists of experienced security professionals. Bittrex requires two-factor authentication, obligatory identity verification and email confirmation each time when signing from a new IP address. Besides, it has a multistage strategy wallet that keeps up to 90% of funds of assets offline.

All asset listed on Bittrex are also available to the network of international partner exchanges to launch. Bittrex International operates within the regulatory framework established by the European Union and Maltese Government. The team of the project is currently working on a new trade engine that will allow for margin trading and advanced order types, though currently these options are not available. Bittrex was founded in 2014 and based in the USA. The exchange is ranked 34th by daily trading volume which is about 72 million USD up to date.

Main features

✔ commitment to compliance with all US regulations

✔ flat and transparent 0,25% trading fee

✔ custom-built trading engine

✔ third-party trading platforms support

✔ algorithmic trading

✔ fast transactions

Fees and limits

Deposits: there are no fees for deposits but for network transfer fees.

Withdrawals: there are no fees for withdrawals but for network transfer fees. Withdrawal limits depend on verification level and vary from about 0,4BTC to 100 BTC or equivalent per day.

Trading: 0,25% flat fee. Trading limits vary due to the currency pair.

Communication: twitter, facebook

KRIPT and Bittrex integration

Integration between Kript and Bittrex enables advanced opportunities for crypto investors providing them with all they need for efficient trading. This integration enabled Kript users to get access to more cryptocurrency pairs and Bittrex users to benefit from a wide range of useful functions available via Kript application.

Kript tools:

✔ Android and iOS app for trading

✔ High level of security

✔ Convenient interface

✔ ICO list with detailed information about the projects

✔ Coins description

✔ Order book

✔ Cryptocurrency market news

✔ Access to portfolios

Bittrex available options in Kript app:

✔ Balance (only current)

✔ Holdings

✔ Order history

✔ Pending orders

✔ Transaction history

In order to take advantage of the advanced features for efficient trading:

1) download Kript app from Google Play or App Store;

2) create a new API key;

3) connect your Bittrex account to Kript app.

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