TOP ICOs of the Coming Week: Scienceroot, The Joy, IPUX


Project: Scienceroot is a blockchain-based scientific ecosystem created in order that anyone in the scientific community from all over the world would have the ability to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and publish their work through an efficient, intuitive and transparent platform. The ecosystem will provide its own digitsl currency, unique identities, immutable archive and rewarding systems.



Functions: utility token

Price: 1 ST = 0,04 EUR

Issue: 500 million (limited)

For sale: 60%


12 team members and 12 advisors. The Founders of the project are Alexandru Chirita (Science Lead) and Vlad Günther (CEO).


Current development stage: platform alpha; social network MVP early access.

First launch: Q2 2019 (decentralized publishing framework).

Further development: scientific repositories, scientific crowdfunding, funding portal, blockchain grants.

Final stage: Q2 2020 (Scienceroot decentralized journal).


Hype: ★★★☆☆

Telegram: 7,6 thousand

Twitter: 0,7 thousand

Facebook: 7,4 thousand


Dates: January 15 — February 15, 2019

Hard cap: 500 000 EUR

Terms: KYC; accepted currencies — ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC; minimum investment — 100 EUR; restricted areas — USA, China, Ecuador, Bangladesh, India

ICObench rating: 4.1

The Joy

Project: The Joy is a blockchain-based marketplace for the wellness industry. The ecosystem will provide freelancers and beauty salons with orders. It will also enable advertisers to arrange promotional campaigns and get big data statistics within the platform. The Joy is going to simplify logistics and financial planning, increase brand awareness and business efficiency, provide access to an innovative advertising opportunities and provide customers with a more convenient way of ordering wellness and beauty services.



Functions: utility token

Price: 1 JOY = 0,015 USD

Issue: 2,4 billion

For sale: 64%


22 team members and 4 advisors. The Founders of the project are Vladislav Kiselev (CEO), Bogdan Nekhoda (CFO) and Emil Khafizov (CCO).


Current development stage: MVP.

First launch: Q4 2018 (platform test phase).

Further development: commercial launch of the project; adding functionality for on-demand services; advanced settings for practitioners and salons; adding big data module; market expansion to a number of countries; setup of The Joy online store; automated advertising module; survey module; integration of POS terminals; diversification of business activities.

Final stage: 2022 (expansion to India, Argentina, Brazil,, Uruguay, Chile, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine).


Hype: ★☆☆☆☆

Facebook: 5,8 thousand

Twitter: 52

Instagram: 91


Dates: January 20 — May 1, 2019

Hard cap: 17 400 000 USD

Terms: KYC; accepted currencies — ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, fiat; minimum investment — 50 USD; restricted areas — USA, China

ICObench rating: 4.9


Project: IPUX is a global community and ecosystem comprising of several business units in the field of agriculture, health and wellness related business. The project will implement blockchain technology into 7 core businesses — e-commerce platform for trading organic products, smart organic farming, product sourcing (organic and natural-based products), micro-financing, academy for educating farmers and community leaders switching to smart farming, eco-tourism, and wellness real estate in ASEAN.



Functions: utility token

Price: 1 IPUX = 0,02 ETH

Issue: 160 million

For sale: 40%


4 core team members and 11 advisors. The Founders of the project are Narinrit Prem-apiwathanokul (CEO), Salinee Panyarachun (CMO), Cynthia Niyomsil (CCO) and Nirat Maneeruang (CTO).


Current development stage: e-commerce platform; organic and natural-based product sourcing service.

First launch: Q3 2018 (e-commerce platform launch).

Further development: eco-tourism, wellness real estate business, Wisdom Academy.

Final stage: Q2 2021 (smart farming, micro-financing business).


Hype: ★★☆☆☆

Twitter: 5,5 thousand

Facebook: 6,3 thousand


Dates: January 15 — April 30, 2019 (3 stages)

Hard cap: 400 000 ETH

Terms: KYC and Whitelist; accepted currencies — ETH, BTC; restricted areas — USA.

ICObench rating: 4.5

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