Celebrating a Landmark with a Treasure Hunt

Krishi Janani’s two centers — KJ Ponnapuram & KJ Kurumandur — crossed a momentous landmark in March. They signed up their 1000th member. Let me rephrase that. They EACH signed up their 1000th member!! :-D

(side note: hard to believe that the centers opened their doors only in June.)

We celebrated the 2000 member landmark with a treasure hunt. Join us!

Clues in pieces of paper, scattered all around…

This one says “its fingers can be a toothbrush, its leaves can chase away mosquitoes.” Any guess on where this is pointing to?

Time was tight. Only 10 minutes to solve the puzzle and locate the next clue. And, eventually find the reward at step seven.

Clock was ticking down. A mad rush ensued. Or rather, mad rush for four.

The rest of us relaxed and enjoyed it all. :)

Half the battle was in figuring out where something was hidden.

Sometimes inside the room, behind a window…

But, but…there are 10 windows!

Sometimes outside the office in a tree…

By the way, did you guess the answer to the puzzle from the clue above? It is the miraculous neem tree of course!

Sometimes inside a book…

But, but… imagine the number of books!

Thankfully, the clue givers gave the title away.

And finally the reward, hidden inside a nondescript box in an otherwise unnoticed corner…

A cake, a cake…

A cake that probably received more appreciation than what the baker could have imagined.

Easily the most tasty cake in the world.

For inside it was all our hard work, especially that of the center staff. How can it not be the best-tasting cake in the world? :-D