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Why Agriculture Related Problems Are Your Own Problems Too?

Why Being A Farmer Or Partnering With The Farmers Is Our Way Out?

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Why Being A Farmer Or Partnering With The Farmers Is Our Way Out?

Agriculture is not only the profession it is a culture that has its legacy which is deeply rooted and has the strength to change the fate of any nation for good and bad both.

Agriculture has been most talked about issue from ages, everybody understands that this sector has some serious challenges which are not only because of policy paralysis but also because of climate conditions which are deteriorating at an alarming rate and the citizens of the country are largely the contributor to this problem, especially the urban population.

When I say citizen it includes everyone who lives in any given nation, no matter what is your cast creed and religion or for that matter how rich or poor you are. I am also part of this population. With this idea, I just wanted to share some of the harsh reality which I feel needs to be addressed to really solve the ever-existing problem of Agri sector and help it revive to its fullest vitality

I Want To Eat Food But I Don’t want To Grow it :

This mindset is the biggest threat to our Agriculture sector as with every day, month, or year passing by the number of people involved in producing the crop or food is decreasing. The threat of losing the knowledge and wisdom which has been accumulated from generations is very much visible, as a new generation has no or very little interest to pursue this as their profession.

As we are going to expect around 10 billion people in 2050, the challenge to feed them is looming large, how are we going to feed them, if we are not willing enough to grow the produce.

Agriculture as a sector not only needs strategic & policy reforms but also it requires reform in thinking of its population. We need to become a producer instead of only being a consumer.

If you only think that producing food is not your business, you are living in some kind of world which is far-flung from the truth. It’s is not that you need to go back to farmland and start doing the labor if you call it so. You need to utilize your power of knowledge and wealth(In case you consider it as a blessing to have ) to help those who are willing and have been doing this for many centuries, they just need your trust, your partnership in sharing their problems, and rest will be taken care off

“If you are really concerned to revive this Agri sector this is high time, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic, that you pledge your contribution in whatever form you can and be an indirect producer if you can’t participate directly. ”.

Climate Change Is Taking A Toll, As We are Toying With Nature Big Time.

The second major threat which is hitting this agriculture sector is the unexpected and unpredictable climate changes. Again it is not only the problem of poor administration and policy paralysis, It is more a problem of this attitude that “Why should I care? I am not doing it ”. It is this mindset which needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Everyone who lives on this earth is equally responsible for nurturing this mother earth with the required sensitivity. If now we are not participating in keeping this natural ecology balanced we are definitely not making this earth a good place for our nextgen to live well.

The kind of air we are breathing and the kind of pollutants we are releasing in the air, land, and water, are largely contributing to this unprecedented climate change. Global warming is a real issue and has been most talked out. Our precarious desire to accumulate more are destroying our forest cover. All the prominent river beds are depleting fast, all big rivers who have been feeding us from centuries are receding, only to come back with a flood, creating havoc for the majority of our rural population.

Our land under cultivation is seriously being challenged every year with these heavy floods, followed by unexpected drought. This is largely happening because we have encroached the passage of this big river, which they have been using to flow from ages. Trees that have been playing a vital role to preserve rain waters and indirectly in controlling flood possibilities are being butchered to support unstoppable human aspirations.

Our trees that reduce flood risk from the top to bottom are depleting at an alarming rate. Lots of raindrops that land on leaves evaporate straight into the air- so less water reaches the ground. And, leaves intercept rainfall, slowing the rate that water flows into rivers and reducing the risk it’ll burst its banks.

Creating the barricades and huge dams are not helping and are more augmenting the flood issue. A large part of or country now are experiencing heavy flood every year whose intensity is increasing at an uncontrollable rate, which is a clear sign that we humans are helpless and have no correct answers to tackle it.

I Am Technologist Why Should I Care?

“I am a software professional, I am not responsible for all the problems prevalent in this Agri sector. I am most of the time engrossed with my computers and gadgets what can I do, this is not my problem!”

If this is how you think after being blessed with the technical prowess, it’s time that you change this now. Let me put it this way

“You are a minuscule human being, who is nothing more than a spec in the context of the universe in which you are living, who has been enjoying all the free resources being showered by the earth, be it, the air, the water, the land, the rain, the greenery, in fact, everything in your surrounding which is not your making. Most importantly the very food you are eating every day is also not your making. It’s those skilled microentrepreneurs which you can call Farmers, who have been toiling hard fighting with all the natural adversity along with human-created adversities, who are feeding us. ”

So yes, you should care, in fact, you should care more, to make sure that you are contributing in crafting the solutions which are tailor-made to cut short climate change impacts, to reduce the impact of plant and crop-related issue. You should care to build an affordable & accessible technology-powered ecosystem that can help Farmers in every stage of farming, right from sowing to selling. Remember your objective should not be driven by money itself else you will lose the point. I must admit this sector has some real money to make but only if it is making money for the Farming community

What Can I Do?

You have the power of technology that you can leverage to make your living and also help those rural farmers live well. You can harness the power of knowledge and transfer them to the farmers in the form they can understand.

If we technologist can collaborate with the farmers in keeping them well informed and better prepared to handle the natural calamities and potential diseases by making use of some simple to most advanced technology like mobile and web-based solutions built with the intelligence of AI & ML. We will be saving millions and millions of food from being destroyed every year, which eventually can be used to feed the larger set of the population which more often sleep hungry.

We will be helping the farming communities to earn more to grow more. Being a tech leader myself I feel every one of us has the power to educate the farmers, to become their support system with money and knowledge, and also to experience the farming ourselves to make more sense of what it takes to grow food for millions selflessly.

The Role of Policymakers, Is Key :

Our key policymakers and decision-makers have always been trying to solve an issue with an intent to fix it. But we are not wise enough to take the cultural, geographical, and hyperlocal issues into consideration and draft a policy that is truly inclusive and problem-centric.

Today’s agriculture policies fail to recognize how crop, choices, input costs, and the supply chain are intertwined, perpetuating marginal farming. — Rahul Tongia

This has to change, we need to identify why this problem has occurred in the first place. For instance

  • Why floods are happening?
  • Why climate is changing and what can we do to measure it?
  • Why Farmers are still engaged in the traditional way of Farming, even though technological advancement has come a long way?
  • Why Farmer community by choice, is not willing to pursue farming as their first choice?
  • Why our schemes and policy designed for Farmers are not able to change the fate of the majority of the farmer’s population?

There is very little to no incentive, for our farmers in exchange for their hard work and commitment which makes this profession a thankless job. Yes there are schemes, but they are not creating any impact on the ground, as it is not reaching to the end beneficiary due to lack of intent and transparency

Until we spend some time with this kind of problem instead of being engaged in not so important activity, we will not be able to make any effective policy level reforms as decision-makers and bureaucrats. And until all the schemes being planned are being delivered with the required transparency and last-mile delivery in place, this will only be a piece of paper which anyway’s don’t make sense to the farmers.

Agriculture as a profession will struggle to survive, even though it has the immense potential to generate a lot of wealth and name for any given nation. The biggest reason will be us citizens, which feel it not our responsibility and we can’t do much to rescue it.

Let’s Be Optimistic And Act :

Irrespective of all the challenges still I want to be optimistic and curious enough to contribute my bit. I want to trust that there are many who really want to help and will do their best to make sure that this “culture of Agriculture” which has nurtured us from ages stays and inspire the million to get back to roots to adopt this as a noble profession.


Agriculture has all the ingredients to bring laurels for the population of the nation and create a long term impact on the living and upcoming generations. The onus is now on learned us, ’ irrespective of what we do, who we are are, it’s time to join hands, take responsibility, in our limited capabilities and stand stronger with our rural population, to change the fate of agriculture.

“Let our every act as a learned being be for the growth and prosperity of the nation, and for that let’s pledge to partner, to feel the Farmer’s pain and help them accordingly”



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