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Farming tech in your pocket

Krishi (कृषि)-Farming, Bal (बल)-Power.

India is a country where 60% of the population does farming. We call it an agrarian economy. Even so the nature of the farming is very primitive and fragmented, both in terms of land and produce. The amount of technology used is also very low. As a result the output of the farmer is less, resulting into related problems individually and nationally.

I feel the use of technology must be pushed harder to farmers and remote areas. So as to enable them to perform their tasks efficiently and in a cost effective way.

In recent times there have been some leaping advancements in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ & ‘Distributed Computing’, resulting into solving highly complex problems very cheaply and more accurately. Which has resulted into buzzwords such as ‘Deep Learning’ and ‘Big Data’.

At we intend to apply these technologies to solve day to day problems of farmers and agricultural processes. Also make these services available to masses at a very little to no cost.

Use Case: Crop Disease Detection

One of the example is to detect diseases on crops by clicking pictures of the affected area of the crop. A relevant solution would also be pitched to the user as an immediate measure of the treatment. The medium of delivery for the service would be the internet and interface would be handheld devices or computers.

Enabling users with this type of technology would increase the detection rates of the crops diseases and would eventually reduce the damages incurred by the farmer.



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