OBS Studio or how to use a nice camera for online meetings

Looking for a way to use a nice camera for hangouts, skype or the like? I’d done the same; I mean we have what should be all the tools right?

  • Decent cameras… check
  • Fast internet… check
  • Video I/O… check

So what’s the issue? In our case, AJA doesn’t provide a way to use the camera with hangouts (nor should they, they’ve done enough — I can’t speak highly enough of them). All experimentation indicated we’d have to pony up for Telestream’s Wirecast. All of that is fine, but I usually like to see if there’s another way. If you’re here, likely you do too.

Enter OBS Studio.

Install OBS Studio; set it up*, run it alongside hangouts (or whatever) and voila**!

Our AF100 repurposed for online meetings/scrum.


*set it up: it’s very simple to install, but it did take a bit of playing around to get OBS working with the Kona LHi we were using for this particular case. Once it works however, it works.

**voila: Depending on your camera and I/O interface, as well as which interconnect format you’re using, you’ll see varying degrees of lag. I recommend using the same interface for audio/video and we’ve found HD-SDI to have enough lag that it can be a little bit annoying for one-on-one hangouts and/or skype. HDMI seems a little better in our case. YMMV.