Selfie Time

A close up of my career and educational goals as well as a little about me.

A Major Change for the Major Leagues

Leaving the major I loved for the career of my dreams.

Hi, I am Kristin. Welcome to my journey of learning, growth and discovery. Sometime ago when I was very young I discovered a love, joy and fascination for the beauty of art. I am sure I did my fair share of driving my parents insane, but I also spent a lot of time quietly escaping into my own world. I would go off by myself and draw for hours. After a while I actually started to really understand the principles of design and discovered I had a talent for art. I decided I wanted to pursue a career as an artist.

After High School I started school at Utah Valley University as an art major. I had started working at a computer technical support company that same year as well. One of the web designers at my work showed me some of his projects and opened my mind to the incredible world of digital design. He showed me all of the different careers and endless possibilities of art using technology. That was when I decided to change my major. I could create art using technology by entering into the digital media program. After completing my Associate’s Degree in Art and graphic communications I began my Bachelor’s Degree in Web and Interaction Design at Utah Valley University.

I am more than half way through my Bachelor’s degree now and working as a supervisor at a technical support company. I am starting an internship in the marketing department there this summer where I plan to help design and build the company website and marketing campaigns. My education and experience will help me achieve my ultimate goal to become an artist, using technology as my medium.

Practice: Present Educational Goals

I am currently enrolled at Utah Valley University, studying digital media. My emphasis is on Web and Interaction Design. My goal is to be accepted into the program this coming fall. I am planning on graduating in Spring of 2019. During my education I plan to gain the appropriate education and skills to begin an entry level position in the web design field.

Making the team: Entry-level Career Goal Statement

After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree I really want to get out in the field and get as much hands on experience as possible. To achieve this I am going to start an internship this summer at my work in the marketing depart. I will be working with the web designer and marketing team to build and design the companies websites and marketing campaigns. My goal is to gain experience in UX and UI design as well when working on the internal websites for the company. After completing my internship I would like to either be hired on full time in the marketing depart where I work, or apply for another company designing websites for a 3–4 years.

Hitting the Home Run: Long-range Career Statement

My goal after gaining the necessary experience in the web design field is to become an art director for an established company. I will be sketching and designing websites as well as making a lot of key decisions in the overall experience of the website. I want to be able to create cutting edge websites that are modern and innovative. I want viewers to have an experience that they haven’t had before when visiting websites I design. I want the design to lead the company and the culture of what customer will experience with the products and services.

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