Krosscoin: A focus on our Ecosystem, ICO, and the Future

Taking a look at how the vision of the company Vinekross LLC, the parent company for Krosscoin, arguably known as the first mover for what the world never thought possible, which is the monetization of functional components of mobile applications , a market growing to the tune of $1.5 trillion by 2028, it indeed has been an amazing story. Let’s share!

Our Founder, the Strategist — Efosa Ighodaro

Krosscoin was launched in 2017 after rigorous research by the entrepreneurial mind and founder Efosa Ighodaro who has had his fair share of experience as a self-taught financial analyst in the financial capital of the world — the United States. Having gotten his hands greased in tech startup and capital markets space, he decided to pursue his vision of addressing an age-long problem which the advent of the internet and digital revolution brought in.

The problem

Most developers have not been able to reap rewards adequately from the effort and intellect put into the development of Mobile Apps. The idea of freemium is carefully clearing away one time purchases and now what is seen is mostly in-app purchases which don’t always work out for App users as sometimes users would be comfortable with the free components of Apps and would not be considering upgrading. This leaves little room for developers to maximize the revenue and scalability advantage of their Apps as even App Stores would still have a cut from the revenue.

The Solution

A better monetization framework which permits app developers to exploit the potential scalability of their intellectual products by monetizing functional components of their Mobile Apps such that they earn better rewards for their efforts in building the Mobile App market while giving consumers amazing functionality experience on a multi-blockchain level.

The Vision

“To be ranked among the top 50 blockchain/crypto projects in the space with a total market valuation of $200 billion by the year 2028”.

We know talk is cheap and therefore affordable by anyone or even any company. Consequently, furious efforts are being marshaled into action through our innovative approaches to doing things and the kind of alliances we forge in our forward march.

Taking bold steps

We have been demonstrating our resilience and focus to our purpose by keeping true to our word and forging an even more promising path with the kind of alliances we have birthed. Yes, partnerships for us is not the usual jamboree observed in the industry where most projects align not for synergistic growth. We are averse to these kinds of menacing behaviors unfitting for the healthy growth and development of the industry. Our approach is rather different. For every alliance entered into, there should be a true and objective purpose for both projects achieving set goals with noticeable milestone achievements along its roadmap. We have been building up along this path with MessengerBank, Creata, RedCab, xCrypt, Depository, Kartblock, ACLYD, Phoneum, Careonchain, Chike4Nigeria and the numbers keep increasing. For us it’s a continuum, therefore we consider our efforts so far just a scratch. We have just put on our hat, and ready for a major showdown. More partners? Fasten your seat belt!

Our Ecosystem — Much more than you think

The Krosscoin ecosystem is made up of a rich mix of innovative Apps with each presenting unique solutions to their various niche challenges.

First on several Apps on the KSS Ecosystem is the Pipdroid Pearl MT5 & MT4 Launcher which is a cloud mobile bot trading platform that allows users in control of bots to access market opportunities in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stock market through Metatrader.

Another is the Piproid Crypto (Metatrader 5 Platform/Crypto Exchanges Hybrid web product).

But that’s not all, Krosscoin still parades an impressive collection of products like or has an impressive array of products under its belt, like the Pipdroid Optima (Mobile version of Pipdroid Crypto) which is an innovative, revolutionary cross trading brokerage/exchange platform. Pipdroid Optima allows for forex, stocks and cryptocurrency trading in the same environment.

Ribbon (Crypto messenger/gifting app) — is another App on the Krosscoin ecosystem which converges text/voice/video communication with gifting using a cryptocurrency wallet.

Freelance Platform — is another one of the App on the Krosscoin Ecosystem which facilitates safe business relations between employers and employees.

Kross Monetization Platform — is an open platform which will enable the distribution and monetization of any application utilizing Krosscoin.

SpiceMaid — A grocery and food ordering app with impressive UI/UX allowing merchants and consumers to connect easily for the exchange of products all powered by the KSS token.

Additional Components of the Krosscoin ecosystem are the iLoyal and KrossCommerce.

The Krosscoin is a ripe and multicolored ecosystem with the drive to make the world a better place for everyone.

Charting a rough ICO Regulatory Landscape

When most people think the world is done with ICOs, we are contrarian in our views about this. We think it’s just starting. Yes! We are not just mindless optimists but in-depth researchers who understand how young the industry still is and obviously requiring a lot of cleaning up activities. After the 2017 boom which was seen consolidated by the first quarter of 2018, startups were ushered into a decentralized sphere affording anyone the option of fundraising aimed at bootstrapping their idea. Anyone from anywhere (with the exception of citizens from nations like the United States, China and a few other countries like the DPRK and a few others due to sanctions and AML [anti-money laundering]) could decide to contribute and become a part of a shared vision especially within the budding space of blockchain and cryptocurrency related startups, beating geographical barriers both in space and socio-cultural differences. The pros have been outstandingly huge and savoury.

The cons were and is obviously the scams that have held sway within this space. As it appeared the interest is waning with each passing months visibly seen in analytics, investors apathy, or even interests in popular search words like Ethereum on Google and other search engines, others called for biting regulations with of course the SEC not falling short of its reputation.

However, we are not deterred. As a well researched, visionary, innovative and forward looking company, we have our ideals deeply rooted to ensuring not just our survival but growing as a credible competitor to other thriving establishments in the space. As the industry weans itself off the chaffs, we are more than poised to releasing our several product offerings with a few of them already being flaunted in their MVP stages showing ironclad use cases. With KSS tokens (both Ethereum and WAVES based) being the fuel of activities within our Ecosystem which should comfortably drive monetized activities valued at over $2.5 trillion, holders of the KSS tokens can only begin to imagine the gem they hold as digital assets.

A New and Innovative Way for ICO

Our ICO has been dubbed the 3 Bumpers in 1 Diversified Bonus, surely a brilliant way to reward the loyalty of our contributors. By contributing in our WAVES based ICO, contributors to our token generation event get a whopping 200% Bonus not just in both KSS-Waves and KSS-ETH, but in REO and PHM tokens, the native cryptocurrencies of the Careonchain and Phoneum projects both of which are brilliant projects we are presently in partnership with. Liquidity shouldn’t be much of a problem as the mentioned tokens already have their team securing listings across good exchanges.

The Future we Envisage

We spoke earlier about our Ecosystem, and with laser focused, tailored products to tap into its mine, Krosscoin envisions a world enabled by technological advancements.

Being a first mover in areas such as app functionality monetization, we foresee a future where Krosscoin’s several product offerings and its buzzing ecosystem continually grows to accommodate mobile app developers, merchants in KrossCommerce, business clients and users of iLoyal, our patent pending Pipdroids for those who seek to leverage the cutting edge abilities of AI and technology to amass gains in the global forex industry, taking our fair share of the market for consumables with our Spice Maid app for dealers and consumers and much more yet unveiled.

The future we foresee is filled with exciting and adventurous discovery towards building a better community for Krosscoin stakeholders to maximally utilize the potentials of Krosscoin. A world of unlimited possibilities.

We don’t just think it’s a good idea, we know it is. You should join Us! Let’s make good happen!

The Krosscoin is open for partnerships and private token sales. Contact Efosa Ighodaro or send an email to for more details.