Krosscoin: Announces major Update on its Tokenomics

Dear Community,

Our website will reflect the following changes as regards our token structure.
As you already know, we are a multichain project. Krosscoin is on both Waves and Ethereum Blockchains. We recently announced that we will be restructuring KSS-Waves to be a 25 Billion Total supply token, and it will be a Smart Asset. A Smart Asset offers more security and recovery features for holders, and it is Waves version of the ERC20 standard in Ethereum.
As we prepare to get listed on Coinmarketcap, we have had to thoroughly think through our token metrics and provide a token structure that will boost liquidity and make things simpler and seamless for everyone.

As a result, we have decided that both KSS-Waves and KSS-ETH will be seen as a common supply. There are 100 million max tokens of KSS-ETH and there will be 25 Billion tokens of KSS-Waves Smart Asset, which will be released in a few weeks. Krosscoin will therefore be a 25.1 Billion multi-chain token supply. All chains of KSS will swap 1:1 with each other.

As a project that will have dapps in multiple blockchains, anytime a new KSS chain is created in a new blockchain, that new supply will be burned from the KSS-Waves supply.

For instance,

If we get on Credits or Proximax blockchain because of their higher transactions per seconds or richer framework, and we create 100 million KSS on each of these chains, then, 200 million KSS-Waves will be burned to account for the new KSS chains. Hence Krosscoin will always have a Max supply of 25.1 Billion. All holders of all KSS can therefore swap if they want, at a ratio of 1:1. Or they can simply increase their holdings across all chains of KSS.

We are set to release highly innovative products in 2019, starting from the Pipdroid Autotrade platform that will be live within the first quarter of or 2019. Pipdroid Autotrade is a Forex education platform that also offers complementary hypothetical or demo trades replicated automatically to all students, so they can have a steady flow of example trades to learn from. These students may also further replicate these trades to their live Metatrader 4 forex accounts at their own prerogative and risk. KSS-ETH and KSS-Waves will be used to access the platform.

We are also working on the release of Pipdroid Petal, Pipdroid Pearl and Ribbon Messenger before the end of June 2019. We require your support to release these dapps on schedule. We have numerous options for interested private investors.

Krosscoin will be among the top 10 revenue generating projects in the blockchain space and hence we have this token structure so as to meet users wherever they are.

Krosscoin has been funded so far by the team and via token swaps and we have been approved for a $1 million line of credit from our partner, MessengerBank. Read more here

Let’s make good happen!

The Krosscoin project is open for partnerships and private token sales. Inquiries can be sent to or contact the project’s founder, Efosa Ighodaro on linkedin.

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