Krosscoin KSS has integrated into Phoneum Crypto Treasure Game and the ClickGem Casino Game.

We are pleased to announce to the Krosscoin Community that the KSS Token being the access token to the Krosscoin Ecosystem has been integrated into two Mobile Games namely the Phoneum Crypto Treasures and the ClickGem Casino Games. This is an achievement as well as an advancement of the mission and vision of the Krosscoin project.

CGCASINO.APP is an online gambling platform which plays directly using real money with all currencies (including fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies). And, each game server supports the players to play with a separate currency corresponding to a currency supported in the ClickGem multi-currency wallet.

Also, Crypto Treasures is a game, where players complete various quests, trivia and mini games to unlock Gold (in-game currency), Treasure Chests, Items, Collectibles, and various Cryptocurrencies, including the featured Phoneum token

This integration is in line with our objective of growing the use cases of the KSS thereby creating demand and sustainable liquidity which is indicative of an asset that calls demand.

Speaking in this achievement, Efosa Ighodaro, Founder, CEO of Krosscoin expressed his enthusiasm thus

“We believe in the continuous growth of an organization and improvement of processes so as to stand out amongst others. This Integration of the KSS speaks of our mission of building a diverse yet unified and purpose driven ecosystem which interfaces with other industry actors and geared towards making consumer lives easier by giving them the choice of using their prefered currency while creating a good source of sustainable liquidity.”

Krosscoin, a subsidiary of Vinekross LLC is a consumption-based app monetization platform which allows applications developers to monetize any functional component of their apps running on any platform. It removes the adoption obstacles inherent in onetime fee and subscriptions based monetization thus allowing app developers to focus on application functionality. Ably led by the energetic and strategic thinker Efosa Ighodaro as CEO amongst other intellectual and experienced team working on the next level app monetization framework of Krosscoin. The KSS is the utility token of the Krosscoin Ecosystem.

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