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As the breeze of Spring breezes through the industry signaling the possible end of Crypto Winter and a new season where builders in the industry solidify their positions in the months to come, we intend keeping the excitement palpable, Krosscoin is pleased to announce its KSS POKER DUEL in partnership with ClickGem B.V.

Starting from the 18th of May, we are rolling out the competition to the first 10 players who are able to report 300 total plays. Quite simple! Your plays don’t have to be WIN. All you need to do is to engage and play up to 300 times and the final outcome could be any of WIN, LOST, or DRAW!

Quite amazingly, we are rewarding the top ten in ETH as follows

1st- $30 in ETH
2nd-10th — $10 in ETH

Read this blog to find out steps you need to follow to help your chances at the KSS POKER DUEL and also find out this info by clicking on your name at the poker table.

There’ll be 10 rounds of the DUEL with each round affording participants to WIN prices of $120 for all the participating members.

What are you waiting for? Be among the first 10 Krosscoin Community Enthusiasts to win as we Krossh through this Crypto Spring!

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