A Case Study: Viral Marketing

#1 video on Reddit — 450,000 YouTube Views — $1200 in Krue Tip revenue — 400% YouTube Subscriber increase

On July 11, the Krue Accelerator executed its first Amplification strategy for one of our artists, Beyond the Guitar. The objective was to drive traffic to their live stream by viralizing a clip from one of their previous streams.

Our social media team uploaded the clip to YouTube and posted a link to it on Reddit — all directing back to the Artist’s Krue channel where he was performing live. Add a few secret ingredients and we saw instant results.

Zero dollars were spent and all of the traction was 100% organic.


The video: On Reddit, became the #1 video in r/videos within 2 hours and peaked at #2 overall post on the Front page with over 4,000 upvotes. On YouTube, was featured on the Trending page within 24 hours with nearly 450,000 views and 8,000 likes.

Beyond the Guitar: On Krue, 300% follower increase to become the largest channel on the platform, and over $1200 in Tips from fans during the live stream. On YouTube, 400% increase in subscribers.

The Krue Accelerator is an exclusive program built by Krue designed to amplify + develop artists for tomorrow’s music industry. Check Twitter for updates.
This was originally published on the Krue Accelerator blog
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