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Greetings from the KRWb team,

Being part of the stablecoin movement has been an exciting adventure. The next chapter we’re set to explore is examining in what ways is the emergence of stablecoins going to affect traditional foreign currency exchange markets. Fiat stablecoin-to-stablecoin trading outside of USD-backed stablecoins, such as TUSD, USDC, PAX and GUSD doesn’t really exist anywhere en masse.

The team behind Fordex have been ahead of the curve in their preparations and recently announced the launch of their decentralized exchange,, to specifically facilitate stablecoin trading across currencies. The DEX has been built on the Ethereum Platform and the 0x Relayer Protocol. 0x-based relayers enable p2p trustless trading, with the relayer not taking any ownership of a users’ funds at any point during the trading process. They also boast full privacy to traders; users can simply plug their wallets to the exchange and trade tokens effortlessly in a direct manner in and out of their wallets for any ERC-20 token, such as KRWb.

“ForDeX is extremely happy to be working as one of the launch partners for KRWb. From the onset, we found KRWb’s value proposition unique and differentiated and have been consistently impressed by the speed and dexterity of execution by the KRWb team. ForDeX will offer KRWb trading across a range of stablecoins so traders have access to a diversified portfolio of liquid digital assets and currencies.” says Ramani Ramachandran, Co-Founder and CEO at ZPX

Fordex marks two milestones on it’s partnership with KRWb:

  1. First-ever USD fiat on-ramp for a relayer, with assistance from Wyre
  2. First-ever exchange to facilitate fast and transparent conversion of USD to KRWb through stablecoin trading

We’re exited that KRWb is going to be a part of the core, initial trading pairs listed. We anticipate the initial trading pairs for KRWb to be USDC/KRWb, PAX/KRWb and DAI/KRWb.

Interested users and parties can reach out to the Fordex team at for collaborative opportunities and discussions, or follow them on Telegram, Reddit, or Twitter.

We will continue to release information about launch plans and other exchange listings in the coming weeks. Join the official KRWb Telegram channel for updates. Stay tuned!

Learn more about KRWb and the simplified explanation of how it works in our soft launch article here:


A 1:1 Backed, KRW-based Stable Coin

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Co-founder of Block by Block Capital, coming from 6+ years in the global consumer tech sector. Focused on advisory and venture building



A 1:1 Backed, KRW-based Stable Coin

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