Dr. Michael Yuan Serves as the President of the Krypital Blockchain Institute

By the Krypital Blockchain Institute

On November 29, 2018, the Krypital Blockchain Institute announced that Dr. Michael Yuan, a senior blockchain expert, will serve as the President of the Krypital Blockchain Institute to assume responsibility of the Krypital Blockchain Institute’s work, and play a guiding role in blockchain economic research, blockchain industrial research, and the generation and expression of tech-savvy thoughts and ideas.

Dr. Michael Yuan, a well-known venture capitalist in blockchain and AI, has invested a lot of time and effort into several blockchain projects. As a leading figure in blockchain industry, he co-founded CyberMiles as the chief scientist, leading it to the mainnet launch and winning the honor of the first e-commerce public blockchain in its conceptual stage. His newest book, Building Blockchain Apps, will be released soon.

In addition, with a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Michael Yuan is also an expert in enterprise and mobile app development. He has been in charge of several research projects supported by the U.S. government and has attended the research and development of large open source projects such as Firefox, Fedora and JBoss. He has completed five software development books which were published by Prentice Hall, Addison-Wesley, O’Reilly and other renowned publishers.

He is the Full Stack Developer in blockchain who enjoys rich experiences in investment, technology and operation. Dr. Michael Yuan has unique views on this new technology of blockchain. He feels confident in its future development, and said at the Blockchain Connect Conference in San Francisco, “The decentralization engineers called on free software and tried to overturn Microsoft through open source 10 years ago. Microsoft called these open source engineers the “black sheep of society”. Currently, however, Microsoft is the largest contributor to open source software. In the near future, mainstream governments will follow Microsoft’s path and finally accept the blockchain and digital currency revolution. ”

Dr. Michael Yuan, as the president of Krypital Blockchain Institute, said, “As the blockchain technology develops rapidly, this revolutionary technology will be fully recognized by the world, and more and more institutions and even countries will engage in blockchain, so as to seize the chance for a new round of economic development. Krypital, as the leader in blockchain consultation in the world, provides all-round blockchain consulting service for clients worldwide through global strategic layout, inter-industry resources integration and one-stop in-depth planning. It is in high repute in this field and has incubated multiple star projects satisfactorily. I was deeply impressed by its strong belief in blockchain and its commitment to promoting the development of blockchain. I am very pleased to join Krypital and work for the blockchain with Krypital, driving it on its right path of growth with secure power”.

Dr. Michael Yuan, in the future, will take Krypital Blockchain Institute to the forefront of the blockchain market by virtue of his extensive and diverse experiences, providing the most trustworthy market analysis report for blockchain fans, leading the path of blockchain to step forward, boosting its development and embracing its brighter future.

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