Krypital Group Announces a Strategic Investment in Oasis Network

Krypital Group
Oct 28 · 2 min read
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We are pleased to officially announce Krypital Group has made a strategic investment in ROSE tokens, the native unit of value on the Oasis Network.
As a token holder of ROSE, Krypital Group will help expand the global footprints of the Oasis Network and help cultivate the Oasis community.

About Our Investment in ROSE tokens

Oasis Network is the world’s first privacy-first computing platform on the blockchain. Oasis’s integrated hardware-software technologies enable a range of cloud-scale, real-world decentralized applications, including machine learning, for the first time on blockchain.

To truly disrupt the traditional financial systems, we think that the new Finance Infrastructure needs to take significant steps to improve how it addresses privacy, scalability, composability, and identity.

An example of the impact of Privacy: Compared to the traditional system, the revolution of new Finance Infrastructure will be more focused on rebalancing inputs (such as interest rates) in real-time depending on the data sources. The ability to collect intakes from multiple sources, securely computing, and release computation results. Based on our analysis, we think those aspects will soon significantly impact DeFi, such as decentralized exchanges, lending, trading, payments, scoring, and collateralization.

Oasis Network possesses a strong team of academics, entrepreneurial leaders, and investors in the crypto industry, such as a16z crypto, Accel, Binance Labs, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital. Therefore, we firmly believe that the Oasis Network is a worthwhile project because of its unique characteristics to solve traditional financial systems’ dilemma. We also acknowledge the high potential of this project, as we deem the possibility it would provide to the DeFi industry.

For more information on Oasis Network, visit:

- Oasis Network Website:

- Documentation:

- GitHub:

- Blog:

Krypital Group

Founded in 2017, Krypital Group is a leading global venture capital firm and blockchain incubator. By leveraging top resources ranging from a network of capitals, digital asset exchanges, top law firms and communities, the team has nurtured projects that have generated a total value of more than $1B and has brought in more than 2 million users to top blockchain projects.

Krypital Group

Founded in 2017, Krypital Group is a leading global venture capital firm and blockchain incubator.

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