Krypital Group strategically partners with Prime Trust Network

Today, Krypital Group ( announced its new collaboration with Prime Trust Network ( Both firms provide STO issuers with various services within the emerging global Security Token Ecosystem, and hope that their cooperation will lead to further adoption of compliant security token offerings for issuers worldwide.

How Krypital Group and Prime Trust Will Benefit Each Other

The Krypital Group is a leading consulting firm and incubator in the blockchain industry, successfully accelerating a number of premier projects. As the attention of the global financial industry continues to focus on digital securities, Krypital is establishing a strategic partnership network of strong firms that provide client solutions from each segment of the STO ecosystem. Krypital is actively engaging issuers interested in exploring STOs by offering end-to-end solutions that include education, advisory, strategy and coordination of service providers.

“We are very pleased to align ourselves with Prime Trust.” Said Maggie Wu, CEO of Krypital Group. “Since their inception, Prime Trust has taken a strategic ‘technology-first’ approach to providing solutions to the financial services industry. Through this they have gained crucial experience in integrating technology into a traditional industry, something extremely important as we continue our march toward meaningful global adoption of blockchain.”

Prime Trust is a technology-driven financial institution that as a qualified custodian, provides FIAT and token custody, funds processing, AML and KYC compliance, and transaction technology for the new digital economy. Its mission is to provide exchanges, portals, platforms, brokers, investment advisors, stablecoins, and others with smart API solutions to seamlessly meet the needs of their businesses. Prime Trust is a chartered, regulated trust company overseen by the banking commissioner’s office at the Nevada Financial Institutions Division.

“Krypital has helped pave the way for organizations to adopt blockchain technology by reducing barriers into the STO ecosystem,” said Scott Purcell, CEO and Chief Trust Officer of Prime Trust. “Our vision is to make doing business easier in the new digital economy, and our collaboration will continue to reduce market friction worldwide.

Krypital is a global blockchain consulting firm and incubator that provides end-to-end blockchain project advisory, and is an industry advocate for compliance and transparency. With physical locations in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and the Caribbean, Krypital can offer clients a personalized experience.

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