Krypital Monthly Report: Good Product Progress and Fruitful Ecosystem Expansion

2018.10 Krypital Monthly Report №08

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Nov 29, 2018 · 10 min read

Krypital project partners made a series of accomplishments in October: the Soar Testnet super-map was launched; a prototype of ELONCITY’s core component NetZero was developed; first-stage in-house testing of Egretia Football Master was completed; Merculet GaaS 2.0 (Asian Version) was released; ArcBlock established a cooperative relationship with Amazon; and the main CyberMiles network was officially launched. Let’s review the progress of the programs this month.

Soar officially launched Soar Testnet, through which Soar’s powerful mapping system can be experienced. In addition, the global photography competition also came to an end after over a month, having receiving great support from UAV fans at home and aboard. The team prepared a number of blog articles about Soar in order to further explain its technology, advantages, applications, and future plans.

Program Progress

1. Soar Testnet Launched

Soar officially launched Soar Testnet. You may join the Soar community to experience the magic of Testnet, and users who provide feedback will have a chance to get rewards.

Official Soar Community:

2. Soar Global Photography Competition Completed

On October 2, the Soar Global Photography Competition was ended after over one month; UAV fans from around the world participated in this competition, and nine participants won awards.

3. Advantages of Soar

As the world’s leading super-map, Soar takes the lead over existing spatial maps.

4. The Age of Global a UAV Community

Soar innovatively incorporates UAVs and the community model in its ecological framework to transform the world through next-generation global super-maps.

Global Recognition

1. On October 3, the Soar team attended the WA Asia Tech Invest Summit organized by Lateral Capital Ventures.

2. On October 18, the Soar team and Crypto Crow made online AMA live broadcast.

Live Replay:

3. On October 25, the Soar team published an official online AMA live broadcast.

4. On October 26, Jin Shiyu, strategic adviser of Soar, attended the fifth Mars Chat held by Mars Finance.

5. From October 30 to 31, the Soar community organized two days of special game activities, with gifts for the winners.

As for the progress of ELONCITY, a prototype of NetZero’s core component was developed, and it became one of five finalists at the first stage of Huobi GEM. As for ecosystem construction, future cooperation with Country Garden (USA) was discussed in depth.

Program Progress

1. ELONCITY Development Progress

The ELONCITY team recently focused on the technical model development of ELONCITY and developed a prototype the key NetZero component.

ELONCITY Technical Progress

2. In-depth Analysis of NetZero

The NetZero intelligent energy system is the core component of the ELONCITY model, and the ELONCITY team has explained in detail how to promote the development of clean energy through NetZero.

Explanation of the NetZero Intelligent Energy System

3. Entry of ELONCITY in the Huobi GEM

ELONCITY participated in the first stage competition of Huobi GEM, which has attracted much market attention, and became one of five finalists among hundreds of excellent programs worldwide.


On October 23, Li Jianyu, founder of ELONCITY, visited the headquarters of Country Garden in Plano, Texas and chatted with Michael Hansche about how the ELONCITY model can be applied to new communities and the real estate sector in Country Garden, Risland, to help it better develop a new green community. The two parties further discussed how to deploy the ELONCITY model in the future.

Global Recognition

1. Li Jianyu, the founder of ELONCITY, attended the offline roadshows in the first stage of Huobi GEM held in Shenzhen and Beijing on October 12 and 14 respectively.

2. On October 18, ELONCITY entered the Zhidian Community.

3. On October 25, ELONCITY hosted a flash quiz on the NetZero intelligent energy system in the community.

4. From October 31 to November 1, the ELONCITY team organized a community activity where participants could obtain ECT token awards by looking for specific clues in the white paper.

This month, Egretia made progress in the development of a blockchain browser interface, in-house testing of Football Master, and game platform improvement etc. In addition, for ecosystem construction, strategic cooperation was reached with the underlying public blockchain Aurorachain.

Program Progress

1. Progress of Egretia product development

During product development this month, Egretia developed a blockchain browser interface, and completed feedback and modifications, fixed bugs, and improved details in the first-stage in-house testing of Football Master. Two new games were added to the game platform.

2. South Korean Egretia Community

To better serve South Korean users, Egretia launched an official community on KaKaoTalk, South Korea’s most popular social network.

Official KaKaoTalk Community:

3. Egretia Workflow

Egretia Workflow is a one-stop blockchain game development workflow, providing quality solutions for blockchain game developers.


On October 15, Egretia reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the underlying public blockchain Aurorachain. Both parties will collaborate in the future in fields such as community construction, public blockchain and underlying development tools.

Global Recognition

1. Dirk Meyer, co-founder of Egretia, attended an important meeting held by Aurorachain in Silicon Valley.

2. On October 19, the “National Tour Developer Salon (Wuhan),” jointly organized by Egretia and Egret Technology, was held. Huang Jun, founder of Egretia, attended the event and delivered a keynote speech.

3. On October 30, Huang Jun, founder of Egretia, participated in offline community activities at Shenzhen Station and delivered a wonderful speech.

Merculet successfully released GaaS 2.0 (Asian version) in October to help companies quickly realize token operation and transformation. Merculet plans to enter a stage of rapid global expansion with the release of the North American Strategic Plan, the establishment of an Innovation Division, and collaboration with industry leaders such as Ni Xueyun, Xu Zhen, Zhong Hao and Li Zhi.

Program Progress

1. Merculet Product Development

Merculet product development in October: GaaS added functions to synchronize content incentive systems and third-party content sources. The Simplet mini-program and Simplet 2.0 will both improve the red envelope function. The functions of the open platform were improved and details were optimized; low-level optimization is continuing.

2. GaaS 2.0 Officially Released

On October 10, GaaS 2.0 (Asian version) was officially released. The new GaaS can help enterprises implement token operation transformation within 24 hours through four simple steps.

3. New Strategy Initiated

Merculet’s North American strategy was officially initiated this month.

4. Innovation Division Established

Merculet’s former CSM Department was comprehensively upgraded to an Innovation Division to focus on the design of feasible enterprise blockchain solutions. More than 40 customers have been integrated.

Team Building

1. Ni Xueyun joins Merculet

Ni Xueyun, a blockchain expert, formally became CEO of Flamingo Star Blockchain for Merculet’s ecosystem program. Ni graduated from Columbia University with a dual degree in economics and operations.

2. Xu Zhen joins Merculet

Xu Zhen, former Mobile Telecom General Manager of LeTv, joined Merculet as General Manager for North China. Xu has served in ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, Lenovo and other large telecom companies with annual sales performance over CNY100 million.

3. Zhong Hao joins Merculet

Zhong Hao, who served with Qiniu Cloud, and other well-known Internet enterprises, and created the SmallTalk Internet community, formally joined Merculet as Brand Director.

4. Li Zhi joins Merculet

Li Zhi, a serial entrepreneur, joined Merculet as General Manager for Central China. During his tenure in IDGVC Partners and other companies, he led his teams and provided word-of-mouth marketing services for Huawei mobile phones, 3M, Australian milk powder and other brands.


Merculet has reached an agreement for in-depth cooperation with for joint deals and to fully launch the quick sale model for their products.

Global Recognition

1. Daoge Blockchain Classroom

Phase I:

Phase II:

Phase III:

1. On October 23, the private board meeting of Merculet North China was held in Beijing.

2. On October 25, the Merculet CEO attended the 7th China Brand Chain Development Conference in Shenzhen and delivered a keynote speech.

3. On the afternoon of October 28, Merculet attended a Hangzhou blockchain private exchange.

The ArcBlock team held four lectures this month, describing the features of ArcBlock development in detail for global blockchain developers. During the construction of its ecosystem, ArcBlock has successfully partnered with Amazon AWS APN, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with LifeID, and formally joined the CyberMiles genesis node campaign.

Program Progress

1. ArcBlock Engineering Weekly Progress Updates

1st October Weekly Progress Update

2nd October Weekly Progress Update

3rd October Weekly Progress Update

4th October Weekly Progress Update

2. ArcBlock classroom series

In a series of technical lectures this month, ArcBlock Data Engineer Shu Shi systematically introduced AWS Athena and in the fourth and fifth lectures showed participants how to use Kinesis to collect, process and analyze data in real-time. In the sixth lecture, Sun Bo, ArcBlock Software Engineer, explored multi-factor verification in depth. In the seventh lecture, Zhou Lei, ArcBlock Back-End Engineer, explained the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) model.

Lecture ④ | Intro to AWS Athena

Lecture ⑤ | What is AWS Kinesis

Lecture ⑥ | Multi-factor Verification

Lecture ⑦ | Intro to CQRS and Commanded

3. Tech blog

As for the tech blog this month, Mr. Chen Tian, ArcBlock Vice President of R&D, shared how to write a parent blockchain in less than 400 lines of code.


1. ArcBlock and LifeID become partners

On October 17, ArcBlock reached a strategic cooperation agreement with LifeID, the founder of the world’s leading sovereign identity open-source token protocol. In the future, LifeID’s digital identity protocol and development tools based on blockchain will be introduced into the ArcBlock blockchain 3.0 developer ecosystem.

2. ArcBlock becomes a partner of Amazon

On October 25, ArcBlock officially announced its participation in the Amazon Network Services Partner Program. Amazon AWS is the world’s first cloud computing platform, and ArcBlock is one of the few blockchain companies to have become an APN technology partner.

3. ArcBlock competed for CyberMiles genesis nodes

The main network of CyberMiles, a key ArcBlock partner, was launched. ArcBlock is also a candidate in the fierce competition for its genesis nodes.

Global Recognition

1. ArcBlock was selected for the founder partner program of the Washington State Technology Industry Association.

2. From October 1 to 2, ArcBlock CEO Mao Zhihong, a member of Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation, attended the Hyperledger Member Summit in Montreal, Canada, participated in discussion on blockchain governance topics, and shared his views on governance at the application platform level.

3. On October 16, a technical seminar was jointly held by ArcBlock and QuarkChain in Seattle, USA.

4. On October 18, the fourteenth ArcBlock community technical Q&A was held in the main Telegram group.

5. On October 25, ArcBlock got an official special column in Bitan. Project information will be updated synchronously.

The launch of the main network and CMT Cube voting rights in October marked the official entry of CyberMiles into a new era of development. At the same time, CyberMiles services such as CMT Wallet 2.0 and MetaMask for CMT are also officially available for global blockchain enthusiasts and developers. During construction of the global consensus ecosystem, CyberMiles formally reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Google Cloud. During the Genesis Node campaign, 26 top global institutions joined.

Program Progress

1. CyberMiles Main Network Launched

The CyberMiles main network was officially launched at 22:40, October 15 (Beijing time). ERC-20 CMT stored in the CMT Wallet and on exchanges that support the CyberMiles main network have been completely migrated.

2. Main Network Launch Conference Held

On October 18, the CyberMiles Main Network Launch Conference was held, and CMT Cube voting rights were also officially enabled during the launch.

3. CMT Wallet 2.0 Launched

On October 24, CMT Wallet 2.0 was officially launched with the new function of one-button token issue which can easily meet the needs of individuals and businesses to issue tokens in different application scenarios. A DApp development kit is also launched in the new version, reducing the workload of programmers.

4. MetaMask for CMT Launched

On October 31, MetaMask for CMT, a secure CMT browser plug-in wallet, was officially launched. It can access the DApp supporting CyberMiles, or use the DApp extension in the Chrome browser.



1. CyberMiles and Google Cloud Become Partners

CyberMiles has reached a strategic partnership agreement with Google Cloud. The Google Cloud Platform will provide servers and supporting facilities for CyberMiles main network super nodes.

2. CyberMiles Genesis Candidate Nodes

New candidates for CyberMiles genesis nodes added this month include Moon Fund, COBINHOOD, Rfinex, Consensus Tech, Strawberry π, Arabfolio Capital, HashTower, SIG, and Noomi.

Global Recognition

On October 4, the NBA China Games (Dallas Mavericks vs. Philadelphia 76ers) were held in Shanghai. As a top partner of the Dallas Mavericks, the CyberMiles team participated in all NBA China Games activities, and was strongly supported by Mark Kuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. On October 5, Dr. Lu Liang, founder and CEO of CyberMiles, delivered a speech during the VIP Reception hosted by the Mavericks.

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Krypital Group

Written by

Krypital Group is a leading marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services to clients worldwide.

Krypital Group

Krypital Group is a leading marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services to clients worldwide.

Krypital Group

Written by

Krypital Group is a leading marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services to clients worldwide.

Krypital Group

Krypital Group is a leading marketing firm specializes in comprehensive Blockchain marketing services to clients worldwide.

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