Krypital Monthly Report| Our Team is Relentlessly Moving Forward in a Depressed Market

2018.11 Krypital Monthly Report №09

In November, the Krypital Blockchain Institute was officially established, which will provide the market with the most authoritative industry reports to better serve its global customers. Meanwhile, progress has been made for Krypital partnership programs: Soar launched its TGE (Token Generation Event); ELONCITY NET-ZERO prototype development made some breakthroughs; Egretia launched the game “Hermes’ Purse”; Merculet Open Platform released its first minigame; ArcBlock joined Microsoft for Startups; CyberMiles released Remix for CMT. Now let’s review the progress of this month.

In order to better serve the global market and bring authoritative market analysis to the industry, this month Krypital officially set up Krypital Blockchain Institute and appointed Dr. Michael Yuan, a senior expert in blockchain, as its dean; in the process of building a global consensus, Krypital jointly held the industry’s top-notch cocktail party in New York.


1. Krypital Blockchain Institute was established

On November 1, Krypital Blockchain Institute was officially established, which will provide global users with professional blockchain market research and services in the fields of trend prediction, policy interpretation, key technology analysis, development measures and suggestions.

2. Dr. Michael Yuan served as the Dean of Krypital Blockchain Institute

On November 29, Dr. Michael Yuan, a senior expert in blockchain and chief scientist of CyberMiles, was officially appointed as the Dean of Krypital Blockchain Institute. He will take complete leadership over the Institute and play a guiding role in the research on blockchain economy, industry research, and the creation and export of technical ideas.

Global Consensus

Global Blockchain Event on November 27 (EST). The Consensus Invest 2018 Summit was held in New York. After the conference, the 2018 Fintech & Blockchain Social Night NYC organized by Krypital, Spark Blockchain and GXChain, took place in Skylark, a famous well-known lounge, in Manhattan, New York. More than 200 big shots in the industry attended the party and launched a heated discussion centered on the future development of STO and other industries.

In November, Soar launched the TGE token generation event and issued a public statement on token lock to the community in order to maximize the transparency of the program; in ecological construction, Soar entered into a strategic partnership with CyberMiles, ArcBlock and Egretia, and received a donation from the Australian government. Soar’s comprehensive strengths were also fully recognized by the analysts and media at home and abroad.

Program Progress

1. Soar released a test network

On November 5, Soar officially announced that it has successfully released SuperMap Testnet and integrated ESA’s Sentinel satellite images into the Soar platform.


2. Soar launched TGE event

On November 19, Soar officially launched the TGE token generation event on the Tokeneed platform, which supported the participation of eth, cmt, abt, mvp, and egt. The event will end on December 19.

3. Soar issued a public statement on token generation lock position

In order to maximize its transparency and cater to the community, Soar announced a Token Distribution Protocol certified by Optima Partners, a third-party audit regulator.


1. Soar partners with CyberMiles

On November 8, Soar entered into a strategic partnership with CyberMiles, through which Soar will break through the limitations of the platform expansion.

2. Soar partners with ArcBlock

On November 10, Soar entered into a strategic partnership with ArcBlock. In the future, the two parties will work together to build and promote the development of the Soar platform, including providing decentralized application development services for Soar through various infrastructures such as AWS, Azure and OCAP.

3. Soar partners with Egretia

Recently, Soar entered into a strategic partnership with Egretia, and the both parties will work together to accelerate the implementation of blockchain technology and community construction.

4. Soar received a donation from the Australian Government

Soar was awarded a grant from Western Australian Government’s SPURonWA Program, which will support Soar’s commercialization activities in the legal and marketing areas in the future.

Global Consensus

1. On November 13, Jin Shiyu, strategic consultant of Soar, showed up as a guest at the 27th live broadcast of Value 100,

Live broadcast review

2. Several well-known blockchain analysis institutions gave Soar a very high rating and issued detailed research reports.

Research Report 1:

Research Report 2:

3. Soar participated in the interview by Ready Set Drone.


4. On November 22, Soar held a Thanksgiving event in the community and prepared exquisite gifts.

5. On November 27, Soar attended the top-notch blockchain cocktail party in New York, co-organized by renowned institutions such as Krypital .

ELONCITY focused on the R&D of NET-ZERO prototype this month and made some breakthroughs; in the process of building a global consensus, it held a Thanksgiving event in the community; with the rapid progress of the program, ELONCITY also gained the attention of many well-known overseas media outlets such as Forbes.

Program Progress

This month, ELONCITY focused on the development of the core component NET-ZERO prototype. The small-lot trail production of PCBA, PCB revision, integration testing, prototype software optimization, and trading system solution design progressed as scheduled.

Global Consensus

1. On November 22, ELONCITY held a four-day Thanksgiving event “City Rescue Mission” in the community and prepared special prizes for the winners.

2. Voting for ELONCITY in Phase II of Huobi Next has now started.

Egretia made a big breakthrough in product progress this month, rolling out Fomo3D-like games, and initiating promotional activities for the game Football Master, which is to be launched in December as planned; and Egretia partnered with ATP in ecological construction.

Program Progress

1. Egretia product development progress:

Bugs in the Blockchain Browser and SmartIDE were fixed, and the architectural design of an open platform was initiated;

New games were added to the game platform, and new UI was launched.

Football Master was launched on the updated official website where a new tournament system is available and UI and its performance are optimized. Promotional activities were also carried out.

2. Egretia’s game was launched

On November 26, Egretia released “Hermes’ Purse”, a Fomo3D-like game, which reached nearly 50 million EGTs transactions within only two hours after being released, with the pot dividend reaching 4 million EGTs, attracting more than 800 players.

Game Link:


On November 14, Egretia partnered with ATP (Atlas Protocol). In the future, the two parties will work together in the interactive advertising of blockchain and explore blockchain application scenarios and their implementation.

Global Consensus

1. On November 12, Huang Jun, founder of Egretia, attended Bplus Talk, an offline event organized by Bplus Singapore. He delivered a keynote speech and answered questions from investment organizations, exchanges, media, and the audience on the spot.

2. On November 22, Egretia recorded a Thanksgiving video to express its gratitude to the community for their support, and held a collection-like reward activity in the community.

Merculet released its first minigame on the open platform successfully in November, marking that the open platform has officially entered a new stage of development; GaaS, Simplet and open platform were also boosted at a high speed; in the ecological construction, Merculet partnered with BOOSTO from Silicon Valley. Merculet was also invited to a variety of high-quality industry exchange summits to explore a wide range of business opportunities.

Program Progress

1. The open platform launched its first minigame

On November 24, the first minigame was officially launched on Merculet’s open platform. This minigame is able to get crystals that represent the ecological value of the open platform through the game.

2. Merculet product development progress

In this month’s product development: Merculet optimized the overall process, configuration adjustment, task module, hashrate module and data reporting of the GaaS platform, and opened the self-access process for small and micro businesses; Simplet launched the super-node marketing model, and completed the development of the new version of red envelope in mini program, which had entered the internal testing stage.


On November 28, Merculet partnered with BOOSTO, the first decentralized distributed application store in Silicon Valley, to provide out-of-the-box blockchain solutions, giving KOL more growth opportunities.

Global Consensus

1. Daoge Blockchain Class

Episode 5:

Episode 8:

2. On November 3, Merculet’s first hacker workshop came to a successful conclusion, and finally five excellent works came into being.

3. From November 7 to 9, Merculet was invited to the 5th World Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

4. Merculet officially explained to the community how Merculet helped entrepreneurs earn value, thus opening up the era of Blockchain 3.0.

5. On November 13, Merculet’s CEO Jiang Mengjun (Ivan Jiang) was invited to Shanghai Exchange and Sharing Conference of Fenbushi Capital.

6. On November 17, Merculet was invited to the first Chief Growth Officer Annual Conference.

7. On November 17, Shen Zhe, Merculet’s mobile development leader, was invited as a judge at the Google Design Sprint Hackathon organized by GDG Shanghai (Google Developer Community).

8. From November 20 to 21, Merculet was granted the title of “Best Practicer of Innovation in Blockchain Industry 2018” in the 2018 BRICS Forum Summit & the 7th BRICS Value Ranking Award Ceremony.

9. On November 25, DevFest & TensorFlow Day 2018 Shanghai came to a successful conclusion. Merculet served as one of the co-organizers, and its chief architect Wu Xiangbin was invited to give a speech as a representative of blockchain technology.

ArcBlock held four online and three offline lectures this month to explain the characteristics of blockchain and the development advantages of ArcBlock for global developers; and it partnered with QuarkChain and joined Microsoft for Startups in the process of ecological construction.

Program Progress

1. ArcBlock Engineering Weekly

Engineering Weekly 1 in November:

Engineering Weekly 2 in November:

Engineering Weekly 3 in November:

Engineering Weekly 4 in November:

2. ArcBlock series

Among the technical lectures of ArcBlock series this month, a detailed introduction to Tendermint (EP. 7) was given by Chen Tian, vice president of R&D; a lecture on Erlang (EP. 8) was given by the back-end engineer Sun Boshan; Explanation on “Elixir Test” (EP. 9) to developers was given by the back-end engineer Taotao; the basic principles of the HD Wallets (EP. 10) was shared by the front-end engineer Wang Shijun.

3. Tech Blog

On this month’s tech blog, Chen Tian, vice president of R&D, shared the blockchain and databases; Taotao, a back-end engineer, detailed the basic design of BlockAuth and the ideas discussed in its implementation.


1. ArcBlock partners with QuarkChain

On November 1, ArcBlock partnered with QuarkChain. The two parties will work together to build a powerful blockchain application development platform.

2. ArcBlock joined Microsoft for Startups

On November 29, ArcBlock officially announced its involvement in Microsoft for Startups, devoted to helping enterprises develop and deploy decentralized applications and blockchain enablement services, and provide them to customers via Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Global Consensus

1. On November 1, ArcBlock attended “Hunting for Innovative Enterprises” jointly organized by Consulate General of Japan and Washington State Department of Commerce, to have an exchange on business investment and other possibilities of partnership with the representatives of Japanese enterprises such as Hitachi, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and NTT DoCoMo.

2. On November 10, the 4th Jeth offline activity Guide to Advanced Ethereum of Developers was held in Beijing. Wang Shijun, a front-end engineer of ArcBlock, served as the producer and lecturer.

3. On November 17, ArcBlock Hacker Marathon’s fourth event was successfully held at the TechCrunch International Innovation Summit 2018 in Shenzhen.

4. On November 13, 16 and 20, the series of lectures on A Blockchain Odyssey by Chen Tian, vice president of R&D of ArcBlock, were successfully held in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing respectively.

5. From November 14 to 15, ArcBlock attended KubeCon+CloudNativeCon.

6. On November 20, Mao Zhihong, founder of ArcBlock, showed up at Baimei Liantan, an online dialogue hosted by Liantianxia as a guest.

7. From November 26 to 30, AWS re:Invent 2018 was successfully held in Las Vegas. ArcBlock was invited as AWS global partner.

In this month’s progress, CyberMiles used LITY to develop smart contracts, launched Remix for CMT which is compatible with ETH SOLIDITY, and updated and upgraded CMT Wallet; in ecological construction, it partnered with ExShell and ELLIPAL, and joined OFDA; in the process of building a global consensus, CyberMiles answered the community’s questions.

Program Progress

1. Answering the community’s questions

On November 6, Dr. Lu Liang, founder of CyberMiles, gave detailed answers to the issues concerned by the community about the calculation method of equity voting income, CMT technology development, next roadmap and ecological planning of CyberMiles.

2. Remix for CMT was officially launched

On November 13, Remix for CMT was officially launched. It supports LITY and is compatible with ETH SOLIDITY, which can quickly deploy the test on the basic compilation, deployment and execution of smart contracts in the browser.

3. CMT Wallet was updated

On November 27, CMT Wallet was updated and upgraded, with a series of new functions.


1. CyberMiles partnered with ExShell

On November 17, CyberMiles partnered with ExShell, a global leading digital financial exchange.

2. CyberMiles partnered with ELLIPAL.

On November 21, CyberMiles partnered with ELLIPAL. The two parties will work together in blockchain underlying technology, ecological construction and developer community in an all-round way.

3. CyberMiles Foundation joined OFDA

On November 29, CyberMiles Foundation joined OFDA, and will work with financial, securities and legal institutions to promote the development and innovation of fintech in Hong Kong.

Global Consensus

1. On November 2, Lu Liang, founder of CyberMiles, attended the 2018 Global Traffic Conference Summit.

2. Dr. Michael Yuan, chief scientist of CyberMiles, recently attended the ETH Devcon Conference.

3. On November 8, CyberMiles CTO Li Xin was invited to the first 2018 CHS Global Blockchain Application Exploration Conference hosted by ChainHeadLine, and delivered a keynote speech titled Where Are Opportunities in the Battlefield of E-commerce Blockchain.

4. On November 9, Dr. Michael Yuan, chief scientist of CyberMiles, was invited to the Inaugurating Meeting of China Electronic Commerce Association Block Chain Institute of Technology and Blockchain Benchmarking Enterprise Exchange Conference organized by the CBI Blockchain Institute, MIIT.

5. On November 12, Dr. Michael Yuan, chief scientist of CyberMiles, was invited to Guide to Advanced Ethereum of Developers, Jeth ETH series offline events, organized by

6. On November 22, CyberMiles held a one-week reward event to celebrate the first anniversary of CMT’s launch and the long-lasting support of the community.


Tencent interviewed Amir, founder of Soar, to explore the stars and the sea with Super Map

YIHAO. NEWS interviewed Amir, founder of Soar, map space technology to reconstruct a future business model

Access to Korea, KoreaDaily interviewed Soar


Forbes: The blockchain potential in Africa needs to be developed, how to start?

FinanceMagnates: Competitors will strive to achieve ambitious goals in the renewable energy infrastructure competition

BTCMANAGER: A road to sustainable development of blockchain

BitcoinWarrior: Can ELONCITY solve the global energy infrastructure problem?

Egretia Blockchain game booms and Football Master empowers football dream


Hyperledger interview with Chen Tian: Solving the availability of blockchain is crucial

Liantianxia Yi Yantang, Mao Zhihong: If major companies don’t copy you, you’re in danger

Liantianxia Yi Yantang, Mao Zhihong: No comparison, no harm, the blockchain in China is so…

Liantianxia: In foreign countries, projects without Chinese involvement will not be invested

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