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Biweekly Dev Update — 20220525

Transparent app development

Let’s get you up to speed.

Redirect to your wallet from your native browser.

Security is our top priority.

We continuously monitor DeFi pools.

For advanced NFT flippers and DEX traders out there…

Tracking your portfolio is easier than ever.

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Kordan Ou

我是 KryptoGO 的創辦人,同時也是一位加密貨幣的投資者和愛好者。我非常熱愛加密金融科技,並一直關注著行業監管的最新發展。如果你對這個領域感興趣,或是對加密貨幣和區塊鏈有疑問,歡迎關注我!我們可以一起探討這個迅速發展的領域,了解更多有趣的資訊。更多關於我: