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Biweekly Dev Update — 20220608

This week, we released version 1.0.0 of our app, and you know what that means — some major upgrades coming your way! Let’s take a more detailed look at the update:

In-app Explorer: Your Gateway to the World of Crypto

First, we’ve moved stuff around a bit for a smoother navigation experience:

  • The Earn Tab originally on the bottom navigation bar is now accessed via a button found on the Home Screen.
  • Everyone’s favorite DApp browser can now be accessed via the Explorer Tab, found at the center of the bottom navigation bar.

We’ve elected to put the Explorer right in the the middle since it is the gateway to the fun, expansive world of crypto. We also carefully curated a selection of the most popular and interesting decentralized applications to put on the main Explorer page that you can––you’ve guessed it––explore as you make your way through the novel playground of Web 3.0.

Found opening and closing the browser unintuitive and somewhat inconvenient in the previous version? Well, worry no longer, for now we have a floating browser bubble that persists across all relevant screens that allows you to jump in and out of DApps super easily. Imagine this: you’re browsing using the Explorer, you need to send your friend a token, but you want to return to the same browser page as soon as the operation is finished. With the floating bubble, this sequence of actions can now be done effortlessly.

This update includes a number of quality of life updates as well:

  • When returning to a browser webpage from outside the browser, the page no longer has to reload every time.
  • The browser maintains a complete history of your visited DApps
  • A dedicated Favorites Tab that keeps track of your favorite DApps
To disable the floating browser bubble, drag it to the bottom of the screen and press the ‘X’ that appears. You can also turn it off in the settings.

The Notification Center

In version 1.0.0, we added a notification center that consolidates all official announcements, and transaction notifications. You can find the notification center as a bell icon on the top right corner of the Home Tab.

The new notification center supports the following functionality:

  • No more disappearing or missing notifications! The number of unread notifications is indicated on the Notification Center icon.
  • All historical notifications are saved. Revisit them whenever you want.
  • Clicking on push notifications redirects you to the relevant screen. For instance, if you click on a transaction notification, you are redirected to the Transactions Tab of the relevant chain.

We welcome your feedback as always and strive to keep improving the user experience of KryptoGO Wallet. If you have any suggestions for DApps to include on the Explorer main screen, DeFi pools you’d like to see on the Earn page, or requests for new features, kindly let us know at

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