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Elias’s Diary #2

Today in the boardroom, there was something about how the sunset squinted through the east wing blinds, like it was eavesdropping…

Sideways beams quietly slashing across the conference table…

The energy has shifted at KeyStone, and quickly. Like a sudden change in air pressure or something… Ever since I presented the Eclipse-related research to Charles in private, it seems like he has set everyone on their own little private mission in the company. Confidentiality everywhere. There’s a certain secretiveness that has come over the corporate floor, and everyone is acting normal about it. Something has shifted. I wonder what dad is telling everyone to do…

I know my part. Diabaté’s findings must have been pretty impressive, because I’ve been tasked with our highest-level investments. It’s a promotion by name, but my main task is to serve as a liaison, or agent, or whatever. Pageboy? Thanks but no thanks, dad.

I won’t complain too much, though. The encounter with Eva shows me that, moving forward, she will be a very interesting person to follow. I mean, she also surprised me. I never expected a scientist — usually so cold in their research and oblivious in their social skills, clueless… Hmm.. Eva was very warm to me, despite all of the skepticism she must’ve had for me, the banker.

She didn’t come across as a scientist, really. She came across as a bonafide Kryptomon Trainer, like the ones I saw saving the day and taking on headlines during the Eclipse Disaster in November. It seemed like she saw the same thing in me, but she’s wrong. I’m not a Kryptomon Trainer. I’m a… banker. I guess. A banker who walks away from explosions. Hah, I keep having to remind myself I work for a bank and not for Dr. Doom.

Next steps: see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Dad is ready to unveil his big plan from all of this research, which, interestingly enough, is heavily invested in Kryptomon Trainers: infrastructure, support, publicity, and a lot of money. He hasn’t said anything to me about the Eclipse or Diabaté’s research, but I know it must play a part in all of this. Time to play the field.

First, I need to meet the fabled Professor Emmanuel Koa… I hear he’s not as socialized as Eva, but we’ll see. In fact, I hear he’s kind of a fool. Thrilled.



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