Princess Deena Abdulaziz

Princess Deena Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia is taking the fashion world by storm as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Arabia.

Having grown up in Riyadh on a diet of Western fashion magazines, MTV and fashion books, Princess Deena went on to become the co-founder and buyer of the hugely successful fashion store, D’NA, catering to the over 250 million Arab women in the region and beyond.

This highly connected, fun, opinionated, fashion-obsessed and shrewd businesswoman is an incredible example of the modern Muslim woman.

In her own words:

“There’s not just one formula to follow when it comes to a fashion publication, and I perceive Vogue Arabia as an opportunity to create innovative editorials that celebrate Arab women in their own way.”
“Over the last decade women in the Middle East have become incredibly fashion savvy and knowledgeable about trends.”
“It’s true that our region is conservative by nature, but Arab women are no different from their counterparts in around the globe in that we want to feel empowered and look beautiful.”
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