The Birth of Kshamata

Our team and reason for existence

Kshamata with US Consulate Representatives in Kshamata Training Centre, Thane, India
Kshamata believes that every person should be able to experience hope and happiness in their lives. For those whose lives don’t let them, we help them take a rebirth.

It all started with Bharathy Tahiliani, the founder of Kshamata and UNICEF State Consultant. In 2011, on a routine day at work, when she was employed with an NGO educating sex workers on health, she was teaching Myriam: a girl engaged in the trade since her teens. She was keenly listening to the tips to avoid contracting HIV, hygiene during illegal sex and preventing fatal STDs. But something dawned upon Myriam and she broke her silence and asked Bharathy: “Didi, can you give me a new life?”

Bharathy stared back, dazzled. She looked at this brave one. How would she help her out? She didn’t have the resources to. But she said it anyway: “I will.”

Today, Myriam is so independent and confident that she empowers women at Kshamata herself. With Myriam’s rebirth, Bharathy contemplated:

If one person could create an entirely new life, what could an entire organization do?

And that’s when, in July 2012, Kshamata was formally born.

Kshamata empowers survivors of exploitaiton to experience hope and happiness by reintegrating them into society as dignified, positive and productive participants.

With our In Me, I Believe social reintegration model, we have successfully reintegrated 32 survivors giving them the rebirth they seeked.

Here is the founding team that works towards facilitating a whole lot more rebirths:

Kshamata empowers survivors of exploitation to reintegrate into society as dignified, positive and productive participants.

Want to help? It’s easy. If you’ve been through something drastic and have managed to get back to a happy life, share your story with Kshamata women and join our In Me, I Believe model. Your #rebirthstory WILL make a difference by making them believe in a brighter tomorrow.

Compilation courtesy: Abhilasha, Eepsita, Meghna and Tarun