A Mother and a Teacher

by McKenna Hutchinson

She comes into the house with a small boy in tow, no older than five clinging to her leg. She makes a bee-line to the kitchen to gather snacks and drinks. She seems rushed, yet calm at the same time. She hands the little boy a Kinder egg and sits down at the kitchen table like someone who hasn’t taken a seat all day. Her name is Roberta Anaelmi.

A native to Orvieto, Roberta describes growing up in this small old town as the best place for young kids. Everyone knows each other and her childhood was filled with lots of freedom to go about doing as she pleased. Roberta has always had the desire to raise her family in Orvieto so her kids can have a similar experience. Before having her own family, Roberta moved away from her hometown to attend college in Perugia.

Roberta tried to be an artist, but it didn’t take, and her dreams of studying biology in college, quickly died as well. “It was very interesting in so many ways, but it is not my way,” Roberta says.

Unclear about her future, Roberta seeks guidance from her father who encourages her to consider a more traditional path. She takes her father’s advice by studying modern language, deciding to leave Italy and continue her studies in another country.

She gets a twinkle in her eye when she talks about her seven years in Germany studying German and English. It was the change of pace and the exciting new adventure she was about to embark on that excited her the most. Roberta obtains a degree and determines she wants to teach modern language. Here in Orvieto she works with many American students teaching them her native language of Italian.

Roberta has a soft spot for her home county. She moves back to her beloved Orvieto and becomes a modern language teacher. It is no wonder she loves her hometown with its beautiful ancient architecture, breathtaking views, and friendly, small town atmosphere.

“The weather is fine, the food is great, and the lifestyle is easy-going,” she says explaining her love for this quaint town.

Being a working mother to a small, rambunctious child, Roberta finds she doesn’t have much time for herself during the school year. Now that her classroom is empty and the school is closed, Roberta Anaelmi describes how she plans to enjoy her break and spend time with her son.

“I like to go on walks. Having a young child makes it impossible to have more time to myself. I try to walk with friends who also have small children,” she says cheerfully.

In Italy the role of the mother is a strong and important one. As soon as she walked into the house she made sure everyone was taken care of first. She ran into the kitchen and brought out a plate of ice cream bars, and two glasses of tea. This made for a comfortable setting, which clearly demonstrated the nurturing personality of Roberta Anaelmi. Her maternal instincts combined with her extensive education background showcases exactly why she was meant to be a teacher.