The Wonderful Wizard of Orv

by Monica Melber

The clamor of music boxes, brass bells and wind-up tunes from the snow globes fill the room as multi-colored lights twinkle about. Giuseppe Rosella’s eyes gaze into yours as if they were saying “let me show you.” As he grabs your hand and guides you across the room, you are instantly transported into a realm of his own imagination.

Like a moth drawn into the light, the enchanted blue lettered archway drags you like a magnet down a side street straight into a quaint, magical shop in the heart of Orvieto. This is the land of “Mago di Oz”. Behind the curtains is the wizard himself, Giuseppe; a collector, a creator and a dreamer. Though he loves to explore different countries, as a native to the city, it is no secret that Giuseppe is passionate about his small corner of the world.

Giuseppe had a rough start to his childhood, starting work at the age of twelve. He would wake up early and walk seven kilometers to a painter’s workshop where he assisted with heavy lifting and physical labor until his hands bled. Over time, Giuseppe developed a love for decorating.

He has since transitioned his hobby into his shop, so he can combine his love for people and art into one. The Wizard was granted his name from his unique creative outlook on life. His friends would tease and call him the Wizard, because he was constantly tinkering with toys and miniatures.

In the Wizard’s shop, you can find anything from a giant Betty Boop and elaborate face masks, to trains and miniature landmarks from different cities. The decorative lamps and figurines guide you like the yellow-brick road around the shop. “This is magical place, for those who still want to dream,” Giuseppe says ever so softly with an eager twinkle in his eye.

For Giuseppe, dreams are more than a way to escape reality: they are a way to transform the mind into realizing endless possibilities. Showing people they can partake in this magic and discover their own dreams is Giuseppe’s greatest accomplishment. His wonder emporium is like stepping into the mind of a child. The bursts of saturated colors and glimmering lights coax you to, as the Wizard says, “make your life a dream, and your dream a reality.”